Some seven years ago I became the dominant partner in a monogamous 24/7 D/s BDSM relationship. I can sum up every bit of wisdom I’ve gained in the time since in three simple words, originally uttered by Bruce Lee: be like water.

My earliest fear was failing as a dominant. I worried I didn’t understand my role or, worse, my submissive’s expectations.

As we worked on our communication, and explored each other’s fantasies, it became less intimidating (for me) to flex my dominant muscles.

It always helps when you have a submissive who is supportive and patient; to which end I’m truly blessed.

Eventually I came to realize the purpose of such a challenging relationship dynamic — D/s without a pause button — isn’t to fill a role (even of your own creation), but to prioritize the things you find most important in life.

We don’t choose a dynamic like this to dabble in BDSM, but to wallow in it with religious zeal.

The core of our 24/7 D/s relationship is love, trust, and a mutual desire for constant sexual exploration.

I can’t wait to show you around the amazing and kinky world we’ve created to learn and play in.

Side note: my submissive recently started exploring fetish photography and kink exhibitionism through this very blog.

I invite you to check out this post about her experience, and visit the Love is a Fetish Instagram account to see some brilliant fetish art.

I look forward to publishing a post introducing myself properly in the future.

We’ll dive into the spiritual side of D/s relationships as we go along. It’ll be fun and, with luck, educational.

We would love to hear your thoughts!