She woke up before the sun rose this morning and smiled because it was going to be a great day. It was Daddy’s birthday today and she’d been planning something exceptionally sexy for weeks. A deep knowing stir in her lower abdomen made her toes curl in anticipation.

Sliding her hand under the blanket, she ran her palm down the warm, soft curve of his ass. Her mouth watered at the thought of crawling under the blankets and burying her face between his cheeks, worshipping him like a good girl.

She slowly pulled his blanket down as he sleepily rolled over onto his back. Kissing down his chest, she traced his tattoos, a familiar trail, making her way to her destination: his hard, just awake cock. She loved starting his day this way, it wasn’t specific to his birthday. It was a delicious beginning to what promised to be an adventurous day.

His cock was swollen and ready by the time she made her way down to greet it with a good morning kiss. Guiding her tongue gently from tip to pelvis she licked her way down his shaft. He still tasted faintly like a combination of their cum from the night before, and salt from the sweat of a restless sleep. Her pussy clenched and she knew, without touching herself, that it was already dripping wet. She loved sucking his cock almost as he enjoyed her doing so. Pleasing him was her joy.

She shifted so she could grind her soaked swollen clit against his shin while she sucked him. Already close to cumming, herself.

Starting to tighten up his muscles, his hands found their way into her hair, gently grabbing a handful and increased her speed, fucking her face faster. She could tell he was close, he was leaking onto her tongue with every thrust. Taking a deep breath, she took him as deep as she could, gagging herself on his length. He moaned in surprise and delight when her throat spasmed around the head of his cock. She knew he loved that, and it, as she predicted, pushed him over the edge. His grip on her hair intensified as he shot his load into her waiting, grateful mouth.

The feeling of him twitching and spurting into her mouth set her cunt into a fiery orgasm, her juices running in rivulates down his strong calf soaking into the sheet beneath them.

She wiped a stray dribble of his fluids back into her mouth with her finger, and grinned to herself. She would take this over coffee to start a morning any day.


Admittedly, she was distracted much of the day, lost in a daydream about the birthday plans she had made for him. She loved making her partner happy. It had become a kink within its self through the years.

She was anxious to get to the bedroom and start the sexy scene she had been planning for weeks. Her pussy had been reminding her since this morning that it was aching for some real attention.

She left him relaxed in the bedroom, as she excused herself to get donned in her sexiest of ensembles. Excited to get back to him, her fingers fumbled over the clasps on the sparkly red corset. As she zipped up her soft black thigh high boots, she turned and admired herself in the mirror.

She ran her hands down her breasts, covered in a black lace robe, with hints of the red corset peeking through. Continuing down her sides and her hips, she appreciated the hourglass figure that he had complimented her on for years. Her ass was curvy and barely covered by the lace of the robe and the slightest of skirts attached to the thong she was wearing, left very, very little to the imagination. Her smooth, cream colored thighs were a nice contrast to the black that again started just above her knees where the top of her suede boots comfortably hugged her long legs.

Smiling, she leaned in and touched up her red wine colored lipstick and carefully placed the black and gold masquerade mask over her eyes tucking the ribbon under her hair. She barely recognized herself in the mirror. Damn, she whispered to herself. She looked fabulous.


With this new burst of confidence, she took a deep breath and entered the bedroom. He immediately rose to greet her, with widened eyes and let out a breathless “Wow.” She felt like she was walking on a cloud instead of four inch chunky heels. Being the object of such palpable desire was intoxicating. It emboldened her to continue the scene she had envisioned.

He slowly spun her around, soaking in every angle. Appreciating the sight before him.

She directed him back to his seat, and took her place in the middle of the bedroom floor, delicately picking up the soft, fuzzy rainbow- colored unicorn tail she had attached to her favorite pink, sparkling anal princess plug.

His rumbling growl of approval didn’t go unnoticed as she turned around, straightened her legs, and bent over at the waist.

She could feel his direct attention focus on her plump ass as she teased and slowly swirled her lubed finger around her tight hole. Pulling her ass apart with one hand, she reached back and rubbed the cold steel plug against her entrance, the resistance instantly made her pussy clench. Going slow, as she knew he liked, she eased the pretty plug into her round ass. She let out a gasp of relief when the plug slid in and nestled nicely in the crease of her ass.


With a giggle, she gave it a little shake, feeling the soft fur sweeping against the back of her thighs. She showed off for only a bit before reaching for a purple silicone dildo and bending back over. Her pussy was impossibly tight with the bulge of the steel plug that stuffed her ass. Pushing a little harder, she was able to force the cock into her pussy, filling her holes up in front of him. That thought alone was enough to give her shivers.

Her tight pussy gripped the toy so hard it took effort to pull it out and push it back in. She let go of all abandon and fucked herself, inches from him, ass spread and throbbing around the hard plug inside. Faster and faster she pistoned the fake cock in and out, her cunt so wet you could hear it.

Whimpering and moaning, she was so close to making herself cum, right here, like a slut in front of a him. His slut. With the thought of those two words, her orgasm erupted so intensely, for just a moment that was all there was in the world. Her pussy, gripping and spasming around the dildo, her ass squeezing the steel tail and her cum splashing against her thighs as she fucked the toy into her hole harder and harder until her orgasm subsided.

She sat up and turned around just in time to see him reach for her and pull her tightly against him. Passionately covering her mouth with his, he kissed her fiercely and she felt his rock hard cock throbbing against her leg.

Their dirty night had only just begun.



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        1. Right? I had to just cut myself off 😅 think I’ll follow up with the rest of it eventually. I was just hoping other people thought it was as sexy as I did 😊

  1. Wow! Super sexy to read and imagine – I particularly loved the anal plug and dildo part of the story, but I really appreciated how she was dressed for him too! I’m a big fan of corsets and ANY kind of boots!

  2. Wow! Super sexy to read and imagine – I particularly loved the anal plug and dildo part of the story, but I really appreciated how she was dressed for him too! I’m a big fan of corsets and ANY kind of boots!

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