I try not to overthink our weekly ritual. Church, we call it, is our Saturday night impact play session.

I’ve been guiding my submissive through weekly mindfulness exercises involving spanking for well over a year now.

The purpose of “Church” is to give us a calm and safe place to exercise our desire to engage in mutually satisfying S/m play. But, because we’ve ritualized it, it’s a significant part of our D/s lifestyle.

Also, mindfulness is good for you.

Spanking, beyond the simple thrill of delighting a masochist with delicious smacks across their ass, is an endorphin catalyst for both parties — as are many kinky activities.

The feel-good chemicals released by this activity, combined with uninterrupted intimacy and traditional mindfulness techniques, can provide an excellent transition experience between hectic daily life and focused D/s time.

This is necessary, in my opinion, if you’re a parent or someone with a high-stress job.

Setting the mood is easy for a vanilla, low-expectation date night. Some candles and linguine might suffice. Or perhaps Netflix and a bowl … of popcorn.

But there’s an all-together different range of difficulty when you’re trying to go from putting a shrieking toddler to bed, to participating in a BDSM scene with your partner.

Because you work hard.

And you deserve to get off in the deliciously dirty way you want to.

But you’re exhausted. And you don’t have unlimited time.

Church, or BDSM-powered mindfulness exercises if you prefer, is a wonderful way to navigate the path from a stressful day to a sexy, intimate night of sexual exploration.

And, I believe it can help you get to your mutual “sexy place” faster if you take it seriously.

I begin by sitting on the floor, facing her, enjoying a drink in a quiet, dimly-lit room.

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