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Good morning, sunshine.

She woke up with a start, forgetting for a moment where she was.

When her eyes finally focused she saw him standing before her with a sly grin. He had a black leather leash in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other, its steam delicately spiraling up into the cool morning air.

Chuckling when he saw her eyeing the warm drink, he told her she’d be eating breakfast soon enough. He untied her, freeing her from the rough surface of the tree bark that had rubbed her skin raw and tender overnight.

When he fastened the leash to her collar it made an audible clink that was so familiar, her nipples immediately hardened in response. If he noticed, he didn’t say anything as he led her towards a different direction than he had yesterday.

Her calves ached as they climbed up an uncomfortably steep incline. When they reached what she hoped was the top of the hill she could finally see a quaint little cabin nestled in the trees. She sighed and felt a burst of adrenaline excite and warm her as tears of relief welled up in her eyes.

They continued past the front walk and around the side of the wooden building to a small, neglected garden overrun with stunning orange and white wildflowers. A beautiful wooden picnic table, looking curiously clean and out of place in the overgrown area of the yard caught her attention.

He kept going, past the garden and stopped in the middle of the wide open back yard. Distracted by the beautiful scenery, she didn’t even notice he’d stopped walking until she almost ran into his back.

Turning to look at her, his eyes scanned her face. She knew he was reading her, measuring her edges.

Do you have to pee? He asked, with a slight smirk that said he already knew the answer.

Her face flushed, as she cast her eyes down to the ground and responded with a faint affirmation.

He asked again, slower.

Do you have to pee?

“Yes, sir” she replied quickly, knowing he hated repeating himself.


She could refuse and insist he take her to a proper bathroom. She could. Immediately she had to swallow down the shame she felt for being so turned on by urinating in front of her husband. It felt so dirty. Sinful.

Regardless of her inner turmoil, she squatted down in front of him, focusing on his worn black boots, so she wouldn’t look up at his face, as much as she wanted to. She knew his eyes would be smoldering like they always do when he watches her. Embarrassment and vulnerability scratched her masochistic itch quite nicely.

The shame quickly transcends into lust and desperation as she spreads her legs apart.


She complied, steadying herself with her hand on the ground behind her.


Thankful for the immediate relief, she relaxed and felt herself more present in the moment. Watching the stream like a tiny steaming river carve its path through the dirt, her eyes widened as she realized it was heading right toward where he was standing.

Her face flushed when it touched his boot. Wondering if she would be in trouble for peeing on him without permission, she directed her gaze to the ground in front of her, pretending not to notice.


She shifted forward to pull herself up and move somewhere dry.

I said sit. Right there.

Not wanting to disobey further, she slowly lowered her ass into the already cold, muddy puddle of pee. Mud squishing and forcing its way between her plump ass cheeks.

Lean back, spread your legs and rub your pussy for me.


She rolled her hips back, keeping her pussy away from the dirty ground and spread her legs wide. Gently, she ran the tip of her right index finger along her dripping slit, already leaking down her ass, her wetness mixing with the filth below. Trailing her finger through her folds, she reached her swollen clit, throbbing with need. She knew she had to go slow and gently or she would come, she was so turned on by his command.

He stepped forward, towering over her, casting his shadow across her body, enveloping her even in the absence of touch. Her stomach fluttered and cunt clenched simultaneously when the breeze shifted and she could smell his cologne. She let out an involuntary moan as she slid two fingers into her tight throbbing pussy.

Slower, he warned.

It took channeling all of her inner good girl-ness to force her hand to slow down even further. She felt like she was already fucking herself agonizingly slow.

Taking a long deep breath, she did as she was told, decreasing her speed. She could feel the walls of her pussy gripping and pulling her fingers, begging them to stretch them and fuck faster, harder. Her body was trembling, legs twitching, she was so close to coming, her eyes began to lose focus.

That’s enough, it’s time for breakfast.


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