I’ve never been one to play with my food. We were poor and my parents weren’t fun people, so it just wasn’t something I experienced or even cared to until recently. There are several posts about our ventures into foot and food play, but the other day we attempted our first cake sitting.

It was a belated birthday present for my partner. His birthday was in November, but we just never seemed to be able to line it up.

Finally, on Date Night, we were able to make it work. I made the cake the day before and iced it a few hours before the Sit. I’d attempted to create something artsy, but a cake decorator I am not. I knew he would be happy with it anyway. It would soon be topped with my ass, which, if I may speak for him, is his favorite.

We set up our lights, finding the best angles to shoot from. Squatting over the cake to get test shots was incredibly erotic for me. I imagined a scene where I pissed on a cake for him. Would he make me taste it afterward? I hovered and fantasized about the delectable possibilities, adjusting my body where instructed.

I could feel my pussy getting wet under my short shorts he had picked out for me to wear.

He was ready. I was ready. We were finally doing this! I spread my legs and brought my ass down slowly, knowing that’s what he wanted to see.

I felt the cold icing make contact with the exposed skin on my bottom. It sent an oh so pleasant chill directly to my cunt. It felt like a pillow, my sticky little cushion I was sitting on for Daddy. Like a good girl does.



Trying to push as hard as I could, I lowered myself all the way down. Slowly bringing myself up, I could feel the icing stick to my ass, then fall to the floor.

It, um, didn’t really smash. The cake wasn’t thick enough to do much. I had to laugh at this poor pathetic flat cake lying there.

Not to be discouraged, he told me stand up and pull my shorts down. I happily complied. I felt the cold cake against my whole ass this time. It felt so good! It was cool and smooth as he smashed it, still on it’s plate. Using his hands, he ground the dessert against my backside until it was covered in delicious chocolate and pink and purple icing.



Since he’d moved me in front of the mirror, I was able to turn and see the glorious mess he had just made of me. It turned me on even more knowing he made that mess on my ass.

Always ones to celebrate a moment, we sat down on the floor and ate what remained of our first ass-smashed cake.

It may not have gone the way we planned, but it was a learning experience (I am coming for you, four tier cake) and frankly a fucking blast. I laughed a lot. I fell deeper in love and it turned me on a great deal. I can’t wait to do it again!!






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