She hated going to the grocery store in December. It was always crowded, people were rude and she would just rather be at home, doing anything else. Trying to find a way to make the chore less miserable she decided she would wear her favorite pink Ben Wa balls. The feeling of the balls stretching her and the small weights in them clanking around with every step would make the trip much more pleasant. If she wiggled, she could even hear them banging together. They were the perfect accessory for shopping.

She was very aware of the balls in her pussy as she drove to her destination. Noticing every delicious bump, she shifted in her seat and squeezed her cunt muscles, clenching the balls and causing shivers to travel down her legs. Kegels, for the win, she thought. She parked her car and stepped out into the frigid parking lot. It was so fucking cold here.

When she finally made it into the warm store, she suddenly remembered that she forgot to pee before she left the house. She had gotten too distracted by her arousal after popping the pink balls into her tight little pussy. It turned her on every time. There was no way she was going to make it until she got home.

Skipping the cart for now, she headed towards the restrooms at the front of the store, they were usually the cleanest, she’d found, on the rare occasion she used a public bathroom.

Sitting down on the toilet, it occurred to her that her Ben Wa balls could pop out. Not willing to go fishing around in a public toilet for them, she reached her left hand down and felt the ball closest to the opening of her cunt bulging through the soft skin. She held her hand there, not taking any chances while she pissed. The act of peeing pushed the ball against her finger, her pussy was so wet and contracting so strongly that the balls would certainly have popped out if she hadn’t been holding them in.

She felt so dirty, here she was, sitting on a public toilet, pissing on her hand and getting increasingly more turned on by the whole experience. Using her free hand she felt her swollen clit that was protruding out so far she could see it poking out of it’s sexy little pink hood.

The door to the restroom opened and someone entered the stall next to hers. Peeking under the divider, she saw a gorgeous pair of cherry red heels. Not able to resist further, she began stroking her needy clit. She found herself staring at the woman’s shoes while she pinched her clit and pushed on the balls filling up her cunt so they went deeper, one pressing delightfully against her g-spot.

When she heard the first stream of the woman’s urine hit the water, she let out a gasp as she came so hard she was sure the stranger heard her. That thought turned her on so much she had to keep fucking herself, riding out one orgasm and feeling close to another as she imagined the woman next to her standing on the toilet to watch her furiously rubbing her pussy. She was so wet her fingers were making sloppy, sticky sounds.

Could the woman hear how wet she was? Would it turn her on to know she was masturbating next to her? What would happen if she asked her to watch? The dirty thoughts pushed her over the edge into an intense full body orgasm. Trying to muffle her whimpers, her come was dripping into the water below her with tiny little splashes, finding it’s way around the balls now snug and secure in her post-orgasms-swollen pussy.

She wiped her soaked thighs and pussy with tissue, her clit so sensitive the cheap paper was harsh against it. She had to get out of here before she turned her self on again. The thought made her giggle. Standing up and straightening her skirt, she exited the stall. Placing her hands under the faucet, the cold water was refreshing after such a workout. She lathered up her come-covered hands and looked up into the mirror just as the woman opened her door and joined her at the sinks, the red heels clicking on the bathroom floor. They made eye contact and smiled at each other. Her face flushed as she wondered if the stranger knew what she’d been doing mere inches from her.

She tried to read the woman’s face as she pretended to fix her hair in the mirror, but it didn’t seem like she was aware that she was briefly the subject of her fantasy. Smiling to herself, she opened the door to the bathroom and walked back into the grocery store to finish her shopping. What a tale she would have when she returned home.


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