My partner and I smashed our first cake last weekend. It was an incredibly fun, sexy learning experience. It didn’t exactly go as we had planned, but I think that was kind of what I liked the most about it. We planned, we talked, we laughed a lot. It was a lovely bonding exercise. We talked immediately after, camped out on the floor, reviewing all of the pictures, talking about what we liked about it and what we should think about doing differently next time. As far as dates go, I would take that over bowling or dinner and a movie any night. This Saturday we gave it a second shot and now the score is:

cake: 1

my ass: 1


Last time, the biggest obstacle was the size of the cake. It was too small. My ass just squished it flat! I wasn’t about to make that mistake twice, so I doubled the recipe of the cake AND the icing. It ended up an albeit ugly, four-tier cake with loads of icing between the layers. In fact, so much icing between the layers that I ran out before I finished the cake. Again, learning experience!

The poor leaning tower of cake wasn’t pretty, but it smelled delicious!

We spent the day talking about where we were going to shoot it, which lights we were going to use, angles, colors, mood, timing, generally spending the day talking about my ass ultimately making contact with the cake. It was a wonderful, playful way to spend a Saturday!

After finally getting the toddler to sleep (amirite?!) we were able to get with the smooshing.

My partner has been stretching his photography wings, so I sat back and let him set up the lights and scene, while I changed into one of my favorite dresses and some white panties.

He had me squatting over a placeholder so he could get the angles right and I could already feel myself getting wet. I had my back to him, squatting down with my legs spread. I felt very exposed and seen. It is one of my favorite feelings these days.

Once he was satisfied with the lighting, we set up the stationary camera to record, and brought in the cake. It smelled so good! Carrying it to the bedroom was a very mindful experience for me. The smell and the look of the rainbow sprinkles on top, the weight of the pile of cake on the platter. I was excited! More so than last time because I knew what I had to look forward to. I remembered the cold, wet, sticky feeling of the icing on my ass and the texture of the cake against my skin when he rubbed in it (since it didn’t smash). I knew this time it would be closer to what we were going for last time with the taller cake full of fluffy icing that could really squish.

We were toying around with the idea of roleplaying a bit, pretending that I was sitting on the cake as punishment because I ran out of icing and the cake looked unfinished, but decided against it last minute. On a side note, now I can’t get the idea of a punishment roleplay out of my head. We don’t often dabble in punishments. But I digress.

Like last week, I found myself perched over a cake on our bedroom floor. Hovering over it, waiting for my cue to lift my dress. Trembling with a mixture of excitement and arousal, I knew my panties I had just put on were already soaked through.

Turning over my shoulder to watch him watching me, I saw him give me the thumbs up sign. Time to sit and smash. I felt like I was taking my time, going slow and sensual like I knew he liked, but after reviewing the video, I very quickly got to it.


I could immediately tell the difference when my skin touched the top and it didn’t meet with much resistance. It was exhilarating to feel it crush under the weight of my plump ass. In a weird way, it was a bit empowering. Not only did I add the extra icing, but the panties he chose this time did not offer much of a barrier to this extra icing squishing between my pussy lips and filling up my ass crack. It was an entirely different sensation than last time.


I felt the cake crumble over my feet, tickling them as it fell apart.


Once I couldn’t lower myself any further, I slowly pulled my body up, feeling the icing stuck heavily to my bottom.


He directed me to give a little shimmy, and it loosened up some of the icing enough for it to fall to the ground in gentle thuds.


The grand finale, for me, was my partner burying his face in my ass to clean as much icing as he could with his mouth and tongue. I was very turned on by the thought (and feeling of course) of him licking up a delicious mixture of wet pussy, ass and cake and I found myself a bit envious.

Getting his fill, he sent me off to clean myself up while he cleaned up a space on the floor for us to sit and enjoy the rest of our wine and watch this yummy adventure we had just taken and recorded together. We watched the video on one phone first, then the one recorded on the other, both ooohing and ahhing and feeling accomplished. It is always a surreal experience to do something dirty then immediately watch yourself do it. I find it ridiculously sexy. I love being watched, but being recorded means I can watch myself, seeing my body in different angles and states of emotion.

I hadn’t showered yet so I still had remnants of cake and icing lining my pussy and ass. Not ones to pass up an opportunity to be dirty, we played and tasted and explored for much longer than the sitting itself. He was kind enough to put his cock and fingers in all my holes, allowing me to taste the sweet combination myself. I was not disappointed. I almost came when he drove his finger into my ass without warning, shoved it into my mouth and made me tell him what it tasted like.

Ass and cake. It tasted like ass and cake.


Watch the cake smashing action here or below.

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