The high holy holiday for hedonists like us is New Year’s Eve. Sure, Thanksgiving is always a decadent romp in our House, and birthdays are a blast, but the last day of the year is our sexiest by far.

Last year’s celebration was a whiskey-infused fetish night full of dozens of romantic BDSM activities. These ranged from an intense slapping session to some of the deepest fantasy wish-fulfillment conversations we’ve ever had (and immediately acted on).

This year we’re kicking things up a notch. I’m looking forward to showing off some of the toys and technology we’ve spent the past few years gathering. This means we’ll be taking pics, posting videos, and live-streaming throughout the night.

In the meantime, there’s one thing in particular that’s turning me on about the planned festivities: a new and improved champagne toast.

We try to plan as much as possible ahead of time, but when the festivities begin we’re not beholden to a specific time table. Still, traditions are important. So, no matter what happens, we’re certain to start with our toast.

Last year, I drizzled chilled champagne down the curve of her lower back as she bent over on her knees. Watching as it slowly pooled at the top of her ass was one of the highlights of my holiday, licking it clean was another.

This year, I won’t be content with a few droplets. The plan is to pour the champagne down her curves and funnel it into my glass where I can enjoy the libation with a smoke and a show.

Wanna party?

What kind of a show? Depends on what outfits she ends up in.

I’m sure we’ll find a dozen outfits to play in, but I can’t help but find my imagination fixating on a specific four-piece ensemble featuring her collar, the dirty socks she knows I like, a fox tail butt-plug and a strap-on.

I think that’s a fashion statement that says “no holds barred.”

And, sure as the rising sun, we’ll eventually pass out, covered in each other’s spit, cum, and love, with her face on my chest – the happiest couple you’ve ever seen.

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3 Replies to “A party you’re not invited to”

  1. Now I want to spend the evening glued to my laptop, a few choice toys by my side and watch the show… alas I will be having a hedonistic night of my own- but I do plan to catch the “recaps”!


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