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There was an Italian television show in the late 1980s thru early 1990s called “Colpo Grosso” (“Big Shot,” in English). It was an unusual programming cocktail featuring equal parts variety show and game show – with nudity throughout.

The best part about Colpo Grosso was that it was constantly evolving. It was as though the producers were making things up as they went along. One week it was a shitty game show hosted by a casino that used convoluted rules to get two men and two women to strip. It was like one of those games you make up with whatever you have on hand – hey, I know, let’s play Strip-Skyrim!

But, you’d tune in a week later, and suddenly there’s a troupe of international dancers and a slutty magic act. The next episode would have singing, dancing, magic, and a celebrity. You never quite knew what to expect, except that four random contestants would play some sort of trivia game and end up stripping on TV late at night.

Fast-forward to the modern era and you can find almost any kind of porn on the internet. Except a well-produced, fun, engaging variety show full of music, entertainment and regular-looking people getting naked next to erotic performers.

Now, of course, it bears mention that Colpo Grosso wasn’t pornographic. It showed topless women and men in their underwear.

But, there was no internet in Italy in 1989 – at least not one the general public could consume adult content on – so getting the female-presenting nipple on broadcast TV (Italia 7) was no small feat.

I’d like to think, today, that such a thing could find a following on the free and open internet. It seems like the perfect vehicle for entertainment aimed directly at people in D/s relationships.

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