She pulled her car into the usual spot, tucked behind two trees and barely visible from the crowded parking lot. Looking around, she found herself a little disappointed that he wasn’t there, yet. She was sure they had agreed on five o’clock this week.

Oh well, she shrugged, no use wasting this time she had to herself. Unfastening the seatbelt restricting her movement, she started unbuttoning her blouse. Taking her time, feeling the cool metal of the buttons grazing her skin, she pulled it open, exposing her red, lacy bra. It was her favorite as it always made her feel just a little slutty to wear it under her conservative business attire. She enjoyed having dirty little secrets.

This happened to be one of those secrets, sitting in her car tugging on the nipples she had freed from her bra. It was chilly today, and she was delighted to see how hard her nipples became instantly when met with the cold air. Pinching them both sharply, making them stand out further, she let out a short gasp.

Movement to her left caught her eye and she felt her heart rate increase when she saw him approaching. He sat where he always does, on a small wooden park bench about 15 feet from the car, up a bit on the embankment, allowing the perfect angle to get an eyeful of the action in the driver’s seat.

She gave him a brief smile, elated that he had showed. Emboldened and aroused by the observer, she hiked her skirt up and shimmied her panties down her legs and over her heels. Tossing them in the passenger seat, she shifted and spread her legs wide, her right thigh pressed against the steering wheel and her left on the back of the seat. She pulled her pussy lips apart gently, feeling sticky wetness drip onto the leather seat beneath her. Running her index finger down the length of her slit, teasing her tight bud of an asshole, she arched her back and swirled it around, using her wetness to gently press into her hole.

Her clit was so swollen she could grab it between her thumb and index finger. Stroking it like the tiniest slippery cock, she watched him start to rub himself through his jeans. Immediately her cunt throbbed and twitched. She loved to watch almost as much as she loved being watched. Almost.

Reaching into her purse and removing a black silk pouch, she pulled out her favorite glass dildo. It was pink, of course, like most things she owned. The cold glass was jarring against the scalding heat of her pussy as she placed it against her vulva and spun it in her wetness, coating and warming the glass cock in preparation.

When he saw her whip out the toy he knew it was time. He slowly made his way towards the car, hand firmly rubbing against the obvious bulge in his jeans. As he unzipped his pants, a large, swollen cock popped out as if it had its own agenda. It was almost against her window. Close enough that if she rolled down the window she could lick the drop of pre-come that was leaking from the beautiful dick in front of her.

As soon as she saw his cock bounce free she slid her dildo into her desperate hole. Her cunt muscles held on to the curved head of the glass toy as she pulled it out, causing her to groan deeply. She could hear him grunting as he stroked in time to her fucking herself, faster and faster. The sound was enough to send her over the edge as she slammed the hard toy into her cunt furiously, pushing against her g-spot, building a wet, explosive orgasm. She kept fucking herself through it, her juices splashing against the side of the door and the seat.

When he saw her convulse, wracked with orgasm, he couldn’t contain his any longer. Jerking his cock, he moaned loudly and came all over her window. There was so much come slowly dripping down the glass that he could barely see her face through it before he turned and quietly walked away.

Finally catching her breath, she sat up and sighed contently. She grabbed the panties from the leather seat next to her and opened the car door. Stepping out carefully into the gravel, still wearing her high heels, and a little wobbly after such an intense orgasm, she wiped up the come with her panties. Not able to resist, she brought the jizz soaked panties to her mouth for a little taste, causing what felt like bolts of electricity zeroing in on her tender, sensitive pussy.

With a smile on her face, she tossed the panties back in the seat and slid back into the car to head home. Fuck, she loved Mondays.

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