Round two’s assignment was to pick a story from round one and expand on it using 100-125 words and a 2-3 word title.

I chose to continue Thunder Road by April Garrus (#38)



Scrambling into the cool night air, she hurriedly bent over the trunk. Pulling her skirt up he found nothing but a wet, willing cunt and wasted no time driving into his date, pinning her against the car.

Approaching headlights were creating a filthy silhouette against the side of the road, as a car slowed to a stop and turned their lights down. She didn’t seem to notice, and he damn sure wasn’t going to blow his chance to blow his load. He picked up the pace, enjoying their unexpected audience. Yanking his cock from her pussy, he jerked it against her soft skin finishing with a low echoing groan.

The stranger continued down the dark road, becoming nothing but a faint pair of red lights.

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