Those who follow me on social media probably know I’m a huge advocate for date night. Whether you’re poly and juggling several relationships or monogamous and trying to make time for your one and only, having a specific time set aside to focus on each other is vital.

It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, just take some time for each other where you don’t talk about the kids, work or home repair. Whether that means dinner and dancing, or, if you are like us and have small children with noone to watch them, you get creative about your dates. Since eating dinner alone together isn’t usually an option, I still try to cook something nice, and we eat together without our phones or laptops open and on. Then after the little one goes to bed, we get to have our real date night, which often includes dirty movies and sinfully delicious playtime.

Last week was no exception. When I was asked to review the Kuuval vibrating anal plug training kit, I knew it was something I wanted to bring to date night. It was scheduled to be delivered on Tuesday, date night is Thursday, so it worked out perfectly. I wanted to make sure I was able to shoot some photos, get it charged up and give it a bit of a test myself before we used them together.

If a company doesn’t have fancy, durable packaging, I appreciate a plain sturdy box. A simple black box that I can use for anything. Which is obviously more useful than a plastic box with a giant dick on it or something, unless it’s an artful dick, I digress. I dug the plain black box.

No dicks here.

Opening up the sealed plastic packaging, I immediately liked the way this set looks. It’s sleek, simple, black and so soft. I was impressed with the silky feeling of the body-safe silicone, and got downright giddy about the thought of how slippery it would be with lube. I may have swooned a bit, but that’s neither here nor there. The shape of the toy is very smooth and has a gentle curve at the base, since it’s meant to be a training set, that makes these great starter toys.

So very smooth

I wasn’t sure how I would feel about the removable bullet, and the open insides of these plugs. Normally, I would prefer something that was one solid piece. Pressing the power button and holding that little bullet provided me with a surprisingly powerful vibration,even on the lowest setting. Often times, a bullet that’s included in a relatively inexpensive set doesn’t pack much of a punch — they didn’t skimp on this bullet. I was so tickled over it, I had to record a video for Twitter and share my glorious and jumpy new friend.

The wireless controller works quite well to turn on the vibration, once you already have the bullet on. You just power it on with one button and cycle through the 9 vibration styles, ranging from steady to several pulse patterns with the other. I have never been a fan of patterns in my toys vibration, but apparently there really is a first time for everything.



I popped the bullet into the medium sized plug, and I didn’t have any trouble pushing it in, though I did accidentally turn it on a couple times just trying to get it shoved in there.

That’s what she said, amirite?


I happen to adore the blue glowy light when the bullet is on, and that it flashes when it pulses in the pattern setting, but I can see where it might not be the most discreet toy, flashing in a dark room like a perverted strobe light. It isn’t particularly loud, but you couldn’t have it on past the second setting in a quiet restaurant or theatre. That first setting might be safe though. Maybe we’ll give it a try and report back later.


Sexiest. Lightshow. Ever.

As predicted, the plug became delightfully slippery when paired with lube. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with it alone and couldn’t wait to try it with my partner.

Now, for the sake of transparency, this was my partners first time using a vibrating anal plug, so it was the first time we have had sex while using one and let me just say, there is no turning back now.

Having him wear the vibrating plug, while I rode him and used my hitachi magic wand was one of the best buzzy experiences, ever. It was a perfect combination of the pulse pattern vibrations radiating through him into me in waves, my hitachi buzzing on my clit and my partner enjoying himself so thoroughly that it resulted in an explosive mutual orgasm for both of us. The experience was intense and affectionate, fun and exciting.

We have now tried out these plugs in about every combination possible between the two of us, and neither of us have been disappointed yet. I even used the bullet as a stand alone vibrator during some solo play and orgasmed rather quickly, so it’s always nice to have another powerful wireless bullet in our toolbox.

Overall, our date night and the rest of the weekend was enhanced by this anal plug set. For less than $30, it’s cheaper than going out to dinner and a movie, and I would be willing to bet you will remember your first night with this set more than a movie you can’t even talk to each other during.

Stats, yo.









4 Replies to “This vibrating butt plug was a welcome addition to date night”

  1. Thank you so much for saying so! I really appreciate it. The company needs some help with their marketing, as these are listed on Amazon primarily as a “men’s” plug. I think that does it a great disservice. I enjoyed them just as much as my male partner did. But, a good product is a good product and there’s always opportunity for improvement. xx

    1. Thank you! They are fun all on your own too though, so don’t deny yourself pleasure based on the lack of an immediate partner 😉

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