My mental health has been slipping lately. It is hard to be so aware of it sometimes. To know I am falling back into destructive habits, but not have the motivation to change the behaviors. Thankfully, I know myself, and I am getting better at finding small things to do for myself that help my self-worth, which is often my biggest fight with my mental health.

I have felt poorly the past couple of days, I think it has a lot to do with my depression and loneliness. It is pretty easy to wallow in your contrived misery, isn’t it? I am awfully good at that part. Instead of ruminating on it another day, though, I spent some time on self-care activities today. I colored and cut my hair, I did some laundry, cleaned up my bedroom, painted my nails, gave myself a pedicure, set up my soft box that has been sitting in a storage box since we moved, put makeup on and shot some sexy ass photos in a revealing piece of lingerie that makes me feel like the right kind of trashy, then recorded some masturbation videos for the Dropbox folder (it being Masturbation Month and all.)

It perked me up enough to walk down and get some drinks for the evening. Here’s hoping I can put some of this energy into some sexy time with my partner tonight. Can’t hurt that I showed him my videos this afternoon before I uploaded them, right?



15 Replies to “Lingerie is for… self love”

  1. It’s good to see you are taking care of yourself. Keep on doing so, because then we can keep on enjoying lovely pics like this one of you.

    Rebel xox

  2. Ok I LOVE that piece! I totally understand the depression though. It has been kicking my ass lately and I need to get our of my funk! These images certainly helped me come up with some fun ideas on how to start.

    1. Thank you! I love that it inspired you! Feel free to message me if you ever need to chat or toss ideas around 😊

  3. Best reason for getting dressed up and making yourself feel beautiful is in the name of self-care. Great photo.

  4. you go girl! Looking super awesome in these pictures and our self-care steps sound very therapeutic. I hope they take you closer to your happy, balanced place.

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