I am a big fan of sex toys. Even so, there are a few avenues of toys I haven’t explored much. One of which being life-like silicone cocks with balls. I didn’t necessarily avoid them, but I tended to go for more aesthetically pleasing, colorful dildos, or something that had a specific vibration that I enjoyed. When I got the opportunity to try out this strap-on set with the realistic cock, I was intrigued. I’m always down to try something new, plus I liked the basic black harness that accompanied it.

I wouldn’t call myself a newbie when it comes to strap-ons, but I’d never strapped on something so hefty, and well, cock-like. My strap-on experience has been mostly with pegging, so the size of the dildo tends to be a bit smaller than this beast, with its almost two inches of girth and six inches of insertable length.

Just look at these ridges, ya’ll

The first difference I noticed was the weight. With a vibrator tucked into the base of the dildo, this thing is pretty heavy. I enjoyed having something substantial to wrap my hand around once I got it through the O-ring. I’ve always appreciated holding and stroking the fake cocks I wear, but this is the first time that I felt like I stripped away the colorful, taboo muffling appearances and wore a cock that looked, and felt like a cock. The dildo is made from a soft, body-safe silicone, and is just a bit squishier than a real cock in the head area, but the shaft has a very realistic soft firmness to it.

So much squish!

Empowered was the first word that came to mind as I stood there in front of our mirror admiring myself donning a beautiful cock all of my own. My shiny pink fingernails against the realistic veins and ridges of the shaft made me smile. I loved the feminine meets masculine feels it gave me. I didn’t feel powerful because I felt like a man with this cock. I felt like an empowered woman with a new extension of myself. A symbol of wearing my sex on the outside. My big hard cock visibly, obviously aroused. Without the cock you couldn’t tell I was turned on unless you had great eyes and I showed you the evidence on my fingers. This cock protruding from between my thighs though? It was on full display and that really did something for me.

I might have had too much fun playing with the new shadows I could create.

It made me feel sexy. I instantly embraced a new layer of confidence that came with having this new attached appendage thrusting out from between my soft thighs.

The harness itself is fairly secure, though after just a few wears, the fabric is already starting to tear at the seams where the O-ring straps are sewn. I don’t think it’s really made to support the weight of this dildo. It’d be better served used with a lighter-weight one.

I have wide hips, so the nylon straps dig in a bit with no extra padding on the sides. Thankfully I’m a bit of a masochist, so it added to my experience, but comfort may be more of a priority for some.

The dildo contains a vibrator with 8 cycleable patterns controlled by either a button on the bottom and also by the cute little pink wireless remote with a 20 ft range. It’s easy to charge, though I’m not going to lie, it makes me feel a bit awkward to jab the charging plug into the bottom of the scrotum of this cock. Seems to me if would have been a better esthetic decision to have it plug in to the base, but maybe that’s just me.

The suction-cup on this thing is the real deal. Out of curiosity I compared how long this one stuck to the shower wall compared to a lighter one. Surprisingly enough, it was still stuck to the wall an hour later after the purple one gave out and hit the floor. Since the cup is so deep, it secures pretty firmly to hard surfaces. I tested this out in several places, for science, of course.

Introducing this toy into our play has been pretty amazing in ways that I am still trying to wrap my head around. It’s probably fair to remind you that this was the first realistic cock I have really spent much time with, so if the realistic aspect is of importance, this may not be the toy for you. The balls have a Hentai feel to them in their small cartoonish glory and the suction cup, of course, isn’t a standard feature among cock-havers. That being said, it is a great suction-cup toy and stand alone dildo for solo play, strap-on fun, or even some double penetration roleplay, if that’s something you enjoy. For only $30US I’d consider this a great starter cock for anyone looking to expand their dildo horizons.

Stats, yo

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  1. That looks quite intimidating actually, but really hot on you! I like the squishy-ness of the dildo; the reason I generally shy away from dildos is because the really firm ones hurt me, so this looks a lot more comfortable. I can imagine it being exhilirating to wear.

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