I don’t know if you folx are familiar with Sorcha Rowan, an author and my sexy pal on Twitter, but she writes some amazing erotic fiction that you should absolutely check out! (Also check out this story she wrote that I shot and designed the cover for, isn’t it delicious?!)

The other day I posted a picture of my favorite heels on Twitter. I mean, just look at them!

In true Sorcha fashion, she was immediately inspired to write up something sexy about heels and we chatted a bit about what that might look like. I offered to shoot something specific for it and here is what I came up with.


The story that Sorcha came up with based on the image and gif I sent is called My Friends New Shoes, and it is fucking hot. Like, really hot. I am not sure I will be satisfied until I have someone else’s lipstick on my heels, now. I truly love collaborating with brilliant, filthy minds.

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8 Replies to “Bonding over heels”

    1. These polka dot heels for sure! They make me feel super sexy. But I also really adore my thigh high heeled boots 😍

      1. I’ve recently become a fan of over-the-knee boots, from an outfit I saw recently. We should talk about shoes at some point.

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