“Be still, pet” I hear him from across the room, “hold that position.”

He likes to watch me. It’s a delightful game we play.

I can feel my exposed bits dampen as his eyes burn paths from my pussy to my hose-clad toes.

“Tell me what you are doing right now,” he says, a grin evident in his tone.

“I am on the bed with my legs raised up, showing you my pussy, Sir.” the words leaving my mouth hungry and wet as they escape.

“And what are you being?”

“A good girl, Sir!”

The flogger whizzed through the air meeting the back of my thighs in a painful, passionate kiss to my flesh.

“Try again. What are you being, pet?”

“Still, Sir. I am being still.”

“Good girl.”



28 Replies to “Still”

      1. Thank you, Elliott! The photos have been all me now. My self-portrait game is on point these days 😉

    1. aha, not to break the fantasy, but I held it for like 10 seconds to get the shot I wanted lmao

  1. Love this. A perfect merging of words and image. Her position is perfect; an offering to sate so many of his/their desires.

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