Recently, I have allowed myself to indulge in some fairly new and filthy fantasies. This has not only been a treasure trove of communication with my partner, but it has kept me ridiculously turned on. All I think about right now is sex, which is a nice antidote for the isolation I’d been feeling. I suppose here is where I should make some clever pun about opening a floodgate… But, frankly, I am too distracted by the thoughts of strap-ons, extra cocks, and new undiscovered layers of intimacy.






11 Replies to “Lingerie is for… fantasies”

  1. Those images Nikki – so sexy, even before I got to the last, naughty one! I love the way the lace hugs you and reveals more than it hides, and the silky flared skirt is all about sex and flirting (I’ll bet it flies up if you spin round). What a great play outfit!

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