I’ve avoided wearing ball gags for years, I loved seeing them on others in movies and pictures, but couldn’t imagine feeling attractive in one.

I fucking love being wrong.

When we shopped for gags in the past, we opted for the longer, bit gags that wouldn’t keep my mouth as wide open as a ball. I loved the feeling in my mouth and being able to bite down was nice. I also didn’t mind the way I looked in them, but it wasn’t something I found particular appealing to look at.

One of my commissioned image requests this month on Patreon was of me bound and ball-gagged so, it was fortuitous when I got sent a BDSM kit to review that happened to come with a ball gag. I still wasn’t quite sure about it until I put it on.

Immediately, I fell in love with the way my red lips looked around the black ball and the black leather against my face. And as aesthetically pleasing as I found it, the fact that it forced me to allow my drool to run freely down my face was a fabulous turn-on. It is something I cannot wait to explore more of — in front of the camera, and incorporated into our play.

22 Replies to “Drool”

  1. That top image with the little trickle of drool is absolutely amazing. I find myself jumping from your eyes to the drool and back again, locked in a delightful cycle between the two.


  2. I have a love hate relationship with drool and spit generally. These pictures have sparked quite a thought process around that as I really like these images. Urgh! got to go off and think about it all again!!

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