It feels like it’s been so long. So long since he has ripped my clothes off, grabbed me by the throat and reminded me who I belonged to.

It’s been so long since he’s slapped me across the face, told me I was his beautiful slut, and drove himself into me.

So long since he has growled into my ear how he wants to watch me get fucked hard in front of him.

Feels like ages since he’s made me tell him how I want to suck someone else’s cock while he’s inside of me.

My body yearns to be taken. Craves it. Deserves it.

It’s been too long.

19 Replies to “Too long”

  1. That pose makes me go “unf”. As you know, my fantasies run along the same lines so it seems we all need something like this. May we both get what we need soon!

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