Delighted to find the beach mostly deserted, aside from a few surfers in the distance, I dropped my towel on a clean, sunny patch in the sand. It was a gorgeous day and the sunlight felt like a ritualistic cleansing — burning the stress and anxiety away, refreshing and warming my skin.

As I stretched forward, reaching for my sunscreen, my breast fell out of my flimsy bikini top exposing my nipple — which instantly hardened painfully due to the crisp ocean breeze. Starting to cover back up, I looked around and decided it was safe enough, and instead took the top off entirely. I couldn’t help but run my fingers over my impressively hard nipples, the cool wind and the strong warm sunshine beaming down was a delicious combination.

The attention to my nipples didn’t go ignored by my dampening pussy. I was suddenly very aware that I was on a public beach and incredibly turned on by the idea that my tits were showing and my cunt was visibly soaking my bottoms. That thought alone was enough to make my body ache with desire.

Taking my time applying sunscreen, I rubbed the lotion over my breasts, spending a little extra time pinching and pulling my nipples with the slippery cream lubricating them.  After carefully covering my exposed skin, I dipped my hand down my bikini to see if I felt as wet as I imagined. My fingers were met with a puddle. The wet stringy tendrils dripped onto my belly as I removed them from my cunt and brought them to my mouth for a taste.

Sucking my wetness from my fingers shot a bolt of electricity directly to my slit and I had to bring my fingers back to it. Swollen and sticking out from between my lips, my clit was desperate for attention. I tried to go slowly, to tease my pussy, take my time, but I was so turned on I drove two fingers inside. Reaching for my G-spot, I fucked and pushed my fingers inside. My bikini bottoms untied at the side as my hand stretched against them, allowing me to spread my legs and fuck myself properly. Using my other hand to tug at my nipples, I lost sense of where I was and just enjoyed the pleasure I was giving myself.

Close to orgasm, I added a third finger to my hole and rubbed my clit furiously. My body arched up as I came with a loud involuntary moan that was drown out by the ocean’s roar. Catching my breath I settled back down to the towel as a shadow fell across my face.

“That looked fun,” a female voice said from above me, sounding amused.

Shielding my eyes from the sun with my hand, I saw her standing there grinning with a surfboard and dripping curves hugged tight by a wetsuit.

I guess I wasn’t as alone as I thought.


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