I miss the subby baby girl I used to be. I’m sure I have pages upon pages to write about it — and may eventually, but that’s the gist of it. I miss that person I’d worked so hard to become and it’s going to require some effort and patience to get her back.

It isn’t gone, and I was reminded of that with this photo we took the other day. I am still His, I just haven’t been nurturing my sub/babygirl side, and in turn, not communicating with him my needs and struggles in this area.

It’s just going to take some time and work to carve out time for us, for our dynamic. And for me? I have some work to do on my own as well, getting to know myself over again in a new place, a new country.

14 Replies to “Missing myself”

  1. I hope you will discover the old you that you so miss in the new place, maybe even in a shape you wouldn’t expect! Lovely image, although I can see some sadness in your eyes.

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