When Vibease reached out and gave me the opportunity to review their hands-free vibrator, I was damn near giddy. There were so many things to love about it. First, it’s pink, so I immediately got cartoon heart eyes over it. (It also comes in purple.) It’s controllable over long distance, which was a big sexy plus since it would provide an opportunity for someone else to control my orgasm — which is parallel with our fantasies lately. What I was most intrigued about though was its ability to sync with audio erotica books.

Someone reads me a torrid tale while it also takes over the vibrations? Yes, please. I was sold. Add a blindfold, some rope and a gag and it sounded like one hell of a party. I was eager to check this thing out.

As soon as it arrived, I opened it up to get it on the charger which was a simple insertable plug. The app itself is intuitive, and you can use it to set preferred patterns, or even create your own. I haven’t tried creating my own yet. I’m so rarely into the patterns, but every once in a while one does it for me. Maybe if I created my own, I could rock my socks off every time. I digress.


It’s a cute little thing — simple, with two buttons on the top, (power and vibration settings), made of soft silicone with a little nub on one side that reminded me of a crochet hook. It really is a great shape to hug your clit while you’ve got it tucked inside of your panties.

Within the app you can manually control the vibrations on a fun little touchscreen with interactive bubbles that move with your finger. This is the method my partner and I used together. He could control the vibe from his phone with no delay or connection problems.  The app allows you to send a “touch invite” to anyone on your friends list. You can allow this person to always have access, or you can decide every time whether or not they can “touch you”. What I liked about this was I could give my partner a “forever permission” so if I was wearing the toy in the grocery store he could turn it on and control it without warning. I found that incredibly arousing. But I also appreciated that it isn’t the default setting. I don’t want everyone we play with to have control over my vibrator at all times. I’d get nothing done.


I finally got the chance to take the vibe outside, slip it into my panties and try out the audiobook syncing. I’d downloaded the book I wanted to listen to, they offer several free ones, and I opted for a DDbg tale. I started on my back, lying there relaxing with my headphones, listening to an admittedly slightly corny DDbg scene I was getting wetter and the toy started to slip a bit when I moved. So I decided I’d turn over, which is how I’m most comfortable, anyway.

Oh, this was good! Superb, even. I could shift my hips and hold the toy in place in the perfect spot against the ground. Then it stopped buzzing. Fuck. Ok, I waited a few seconds, borderline furious at the little blinking “no signal” icon in the app’s corner, mocking me from my phone. It still wouldn’t connect, so I pulled the vibe out of my panties and restarted the app and the toy and it finally reconnected. It was frustrating, but I’m no quitter.

I started the story back up, slipped the vibe back into my panties, again hitting that perfect spot and my orgasm was building rapidly. I was surprised at how quick I was getting there. And then it stopped again. My orgasm fizzled out just as quickly and I chalked it up to the most disappointing orgasm I’ve had in ages.

I gave it another shot with the same results. But I seemed to have figured out the problem. It wouldn’t work while it was underneath me. I apparently have too lush of a booty for its signal to get through. I kid, but when I turned over and sat my phone on my stomach, directly above the toy, it worked just fine. But not having the ground to steady it on, the slippery toy, or rather — the toy against the slippery me, was sliding around, losing that perfect spot I had it wedged against. So I had to hold it in place, lest I lose another orgasm. It was okay, but having to hold it defeated the entire purpose of the hands-free experience.

Personally, I don’t need a hands-free masturbation option, I quite enjoy being very hands-on involved in that. But I like having the option to give that control to someone else. Especially out on a date.

The Vibease vibe is a delight for couples play, and it would be especially beneficial for a LDR, especially those in a D/s dynamic because of the option to always let your partner control the toy whenever it is on. Having a “touch” connection like that over the distance would be a wonderful addition, and could add a little more control into a power exchange.




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