The dichotomy of vulgarity and class is really where it’s at for me. Filth and romance. Pain and pleasure. Spit on my face while I’m wearing makeup and pearls. Wax poetic on my beauty while you wrap your hands around my throat. It feeds my soul. It inspires my freedom. It lets me breathe art.

If there’s no sex in your violence, what’s the point?


16 Replies to “Meet me at the corner of vulgarity and class”

  1. i have been nursing along a draft on art vs porn and whether there is any discernable conceptual difference. I’d love to talk with you about this, we should have a skype cocktail date to discuss! (if you’re up for it sometime!)

    1. OMG that would be amazing! That’s a subject I’m super passionate about and is so relevant with this whole recent Patreon thing

  2. That edginess is very sexy to me too, I include it in my writing a lot.
    Those shoes darling! They are melting me!

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