I’d not yet had the privilege of using a thruster toy, so I was ecstatic when Wedol asked if I wanted to check theirs out. Now I’m not sure if I could live without one in my toybox. Not necessarily this one, but a thruster toy is officially on my list of must-haves. I’d underestimated how much I would enjoy having a machine fuck me until I was done with it. 



The Wedol thruster toy offers 10 vibration modes, increasing intensity and vibration patterns, it warms up to 40℃ (104℉) and has 8 thrusting modes, featuring a 1.8 inch thrust. For the first time, I found I enjoyed a pattern in a sex toy. (Think: thrust, thrust, thrust, pause. Over and over again. Good stuff.) 


It sports a suction cup base, not a regular suction cup. It’s got a slide locking mechanism, that doesn’t stick to all flat surfaces like a standard suction cup would. When it does stick though, to tile for example, it holds well. I wasn’t able to get it to secure to my floor or my bedroom walls, which was disappointing, since I initially wanted to mount it on the wall so I could use it on my bed with my partner. (Hello, mmf fantasy upgrade.) But alas, that didn’t happen the way I wanted it to. I was, however, able to stick it to the coffee table and turn it sideways on the bed. It wasn’t optimal, but it worked, and I was able to save my knees, as opposed to having to kneel on the bathroom floor. 

I don’t often use the remote that comes with my toys, but this little remote is hella useful, so you aren’t having to reach around underneath or behind you to control the toy.


I dig the heating feature, I’m not a fan of cold toys unless it’s supposed to be cold for sensation play. Since it was warm when I wrapped my hand around it, it was easier to fantasize about it being real. Which I very much enjoyed. The eight inch cock itself has a nice soft/firm balance and delightful ridges and a squishy pronounced head. 

I love all of this texture.


When I got the chance to really check it out, the first word that popped into my head was relentless. It was the first time I have ever used any kind of automatic fucking machine and it was a huge turn on in knowing it will just keep fucking — it won’t get tired (provided you’ve charged it up) and pumps at the exact same consistent pressure and speed as you want it to. Until you tell it to stop.


But only if you don’t move around. 


Or orgasm. 




The toy stops thrusting when you orgasm around it, because the muscles tighten and it’s not powerful enough to push through. Which, as you can imagine, isn’t optimal. It might also render it useless for anal play. Though, to be fair, I haven’t given it a go, yet.


It did, however, allow me to hear my orgasm in a new way when I came around it. Since the toy isn’t exactly quiet, the noise stopped, in a lovely rhythm, as my pussy spasmed. Which would have been pretty cool, if not frustratingly unsatisfying. Maybe I should be flattered, or at least comforted knowing my kegels and Ben Wa balls have given me a super pussy that no inferior toy can conquer. Or, perhaps, the motor in this toy just isn’t quite strong enough. 

For an affordable starter thruster dildo, this may be a decent pick, but personally, I already want something more powerful. As the Wedol thruster is apparently no match for my superior vagina. On an unrelated note, I may have developed some serious vagina hubris.






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  1. Be proud of those muscles!!! Sounds fun but I can see how the suction base may need improvement by the company in future design… I mean who’s bedroom has tiles around the bed!!! Great review

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