He made no attempt to hide his delight with my red nails. Catching him staring at them,  I started purposefully leading his eyes to my mouth, breasts, then exposed thighs beneath my dress, directing his gaze with my crimson tips. I wondered if he was imagining them wrapped around his swollen cock like I was. 

The drinks were flowing as easily as the conversation between the three of us. The sexual energy was palpable as I swayed over to the stereo to turn on some music better suited for dancing. My hips seemed to take on a life of their own as they swung back and forth in front of the two men before me. 

I landed on a Sublime song, closed my eyes, took a few deep breaths and appreciated the moment I found myself in. I was happy. And more than a little aroused.

The way their eyes followed my every move, drinking me in, was intoxicating, and gave me a surge of confidence to continue, touching myself as I danced. Our guest’s eyes still glued to my fingers, I teased in time with the music, sliding my dress up my smooth, sun-kissed thighs, revealing more as the tempo quickened. 

I grew braver the more turned on I became, untying the top of my dress to expose more of my cleavage and most of my sheer bra, barely concealing my hardening nipples. My husband licked his lips as he looked at me with a hunger I knew well. He glanced over at our guest and saw him shifting uncomfortably in his seat, not taking his eyes off of me. 

“Why don’t you treat our guest to a dance, my love?” 

Feeling empowered by my husband’s suggestion, I slowly made my way closer to our guest, brushing against his knees with my bare legs. Enjoying the friction of the denim on my soft, smooth skin. 

I shrugged my dress from my shoulders, exposing the rest of my sheer bra, that left little to the imagination, slowly letting it fall to the ground. Turning my backside to him, showing off my plump ass covered in the same translucent black fabric. Gyrating to the beat, I straddled his lap, lowering myself onto him.

Softly brushing my panty clad ass against his jeans, I was met with a firmness that encouraged me further. Laying back against his chest, I ground more purposefully into his lap. Feeling my efforts immediately rewarded with a throb and twitch of the solid cock nestled between my cheeks.

Involuntarily I moaned and arched my back, pushing harder into him. Losing myself in my lust I lowered my bra, baring my aching nipples to the night air, making them pucker and harden. Reaching up with one hand I pinched and tugged on my left nipple as I shoved my right hand down my soaked panties. My clit was so swollen and in need of attention that I cried out when I made contact with it. I couldn’t stop now, I was too turned on. 

His breathing intensified, as he growled softly beneath me, intensifying my desire. My thin panties did little to keep my juices from his lap, and a wet spot was growing on his jeans as I came closer to orgasm. I was so fucking hot my pussy was leaking all over him and I didn’t care. His gentle thrusts upwards told me he wasn’t too concerned about the state of his pants. 

My climax was building quickly and all pretenses of a dance were gone as I bucked against his hard-on while I rubbed my clit. 

“Oh fuck” he moaned under his breath, setting me off. I whimpered as I bit my lip, soaking him and the chair beneath us. His strong hands gripped my hips firmly and held me tightly in place against him as I rode out an intense rolling storm of an orgasm. 

It took me a moment to come back to Earth, blinking to focus, I turned and saw my husband smiling at me as he stood. “Such a good girl you are,” he said as he reached out to caress my cheek. 

He moved to stand in front of me, blocking me from getting off of our guests lap. Removing his hand from my face, he slowly unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans, revealing that his cock was the hardest I’ve ever seen it. 

My mouth watered as he pushed forward, not having to ask for what he wanted, but knowing it turned me on to hear him say the words “suck my cock, babygirl.” I didn’t hesitate to stick my tongue out to savor the salty drop of precum that was already leaking from him. 

As I stroked and sucked my husband, the cock beneath me started to throb and strain against the wet denim. Reaching below me, I unzipped him and freed his dick, sliding it between my slippery cum-drenched cunt lips. His hands returned to my hips, increasing the pace, pushing me back and forth, the head of his hard prick rubbing my sensitive, swollen clit with every thrust. 

Getting my feet on the ground, I stood up just enough to slide my panties to the side and impale myself on the hard cock I was riding. I was so wet, he slid in easily with a deep appreciative groan that I returned around the dick in my mouth. Moaning around my husband’s erection while I rode another was a dream come true. I was full of cock and I couldn’t get enough. 

Abruptly grabbing my hair and yanking me off his cock, my husband forced me to look up at him. He took ahold of his thick rod and jerked it against my face. “You’re so beautiful when you’re being fucked,” he growled out as he began to shoot ropes of his sticky cum onto my skin. I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out, trying to get a taste, but he rubbed it against my cheeks, eyes and forehead, painting me. 

Simultaneously, the cock inside me jerked and pushed deeper as our guest groaned that he too was coming, triggering yet another orgasm for me. He gripped my tits hard as he fucked up into me, filling me with his spunk. We came hard together, holding on to each other like we would float away into the atmosphere if we were to let go. 

“What do you two say we move this inside, where it’s a little more comfortable?” my husband asked, knowing full well I was hoping he would say that. We gathered our glasses and headed to the bedroom where we could continue this delicious party in private. It was going to be a great night. 


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