I have a highly sensitive clit, so I’d avoided most toys designed for “suction” for quite some time. Vibrations are more than welcome, but since even a tender sucking during oral sex is usually too much direct contact, I worried it might be a waste of time for me to try something that was more than likely going to be too intense for me. I fucking love being wrong.

My first experience with a “sucker toy” was the Satisfyer Pro 2. Personally, it made me chuckle when I opened it, because it looks very similar to the digital thermometer we use on the toddler’s forehead. It isn’t designed for penetration, as it’s supposed to focus solely on pleasuring your clit — or as their literature describes it: “your love bead.” *shudder*


I’ve read mixed reviews about the Satisfyer suction toys, it seems clitoris owners either love them or hate them. I’m now firmly in the “love ‘em” category, and this toy has earned its place among my go-tos for a quick, satisfying orgasm. 


Since I’d already gotten a heads up about the Satisfyer toys having to be lined up just right, I went in expecting there to be a learning curve. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it wasn’t as steep as I feared. Once I lined up my clit in the silicone head of the Pro 2, it was immediately clear that I was going to be a fan of this toy. 

The term “clit sucking” makes me cringe and my pussy nervous, to be honest. And brings to mind a harsh nipple/clit pump. Rather than feeling like someone sucking my clit into their mouth, however, it was a lighter feeling. Since it’s a “no contact” sucking, the Pro 2 uses air pressure to push and pull through the little head of the toy. It reminded me of a soft thumping of a tongue, not anything like licking or even sucking, really — more of a fluttering. 


The first time I used the Pro 2 was while recording a masturbation video and I came so hard, twice, during the less than seven minute long recording that I ended up laughing in delight when I caught my breath. It was fantastic, and thankfully it wasn’t just a lucky first time. The Pro 2 can get me off in a matter of minutes if I’m turned on and haven’t had too much to drink (fucking whiskey clit, amirite?) 


I like the shape of the Pro 2, because it leaves room for a dildo, or allows me to enjoy PIV sex with my partner. There are 11 levels of intensity/patterns suction and vibration, — which you can control independently — and it’s waterproof, so using it in the shower/bath is an option. Though, personally, this thing makes me orgasm too hard to want to stand in the shower while I use it. 

The buttons are easy to feel without looking at, since they protrude from the toy, which I always appreciate so I can adjust it without having to stop and actually see what I’m doing. And it’s fairly quiet once it seals around your clit, it’s a little noisy when it’s on and not against you though, so keep that in mind if you have to be extra discreet. 

If you’re skeptical about trying a clit sucking toy, this is a good place to start, in my opinion. You can pick one up here for $49.95. 

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    1. Then my work here is done. Bring orgasms and laughs to the world. I am basically a superhero, yes? lol

      (and thank you so very much!)

        1. it certain positions it works, but it requires some maneuvering. I also found it broke the suction often when it was bumped during PIV, so it took some learning and practice. Fun practice 🙂

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