Beyond #Fetchat Wrap-up by Anne Staggs 


Last week was the first time we published a Beyond #fetchat prompt. The idea for the weekly prompt came as we were exploring how to hold a space for expression and education. As kinksters ourselves, we know the desire to share the power of our sexual expression without fear or apology. And so many of our followers are artists, authors, and artisans, why not encourage their (and our own) instincts?  

That’s how Beyond #fetchat was born.  

The prompt for our first round of creative expression was impact play. I love impact play. The visceral connection that grows between folks during a spanking or flogging has the potential to be transcendent. We were curious to see what people would do with that as an inspiration. 


“Thank you for allowing me to serve, Mistress” by Lucille Lockley (; Twitter: @LucilleLockley. This piece is stunning. I’m a sucker for a stern, loving Dominant. Reading about a Dominant nurturing, their submissive with a spankinghits me in the gut. There’s nothing more exciting to me than seeing the gift of submission honored with the respect it deserves. And Lucile Lockley delivers this with such beauty in this piece. I’m in love with the way this short work celebrates impact play as claiming, as a reminder of the strength of a relationship. Brava.  


“Make a Responsible Impact,” by Nikki (Web:; Twitter: @loveisafetish). I adore Nikki. She’s my #fetchat co host, and more importantly, she’s my friend. One thing I love about Nikki is her commitment to making space for BDSM/kink/fetish education in her art. A photographer, blogger, and author, her work often balances raw expression, humor, and vulnerability. “Spank Responsibly” is no different. It’s an image that is educational (because impact play is something that must be done responsibly), sweet, and vulnerable. There’s a gorgeous juxtaposition between the leather strap and the delicate skin of her ass in sheer panties. It lends gravitas to the very utilitarian green circles, demonstrating exactly where it’s safe to strike during impact play. Perfect. 


“The First Word, by Anne Stagg (Web:; Twitter: @annestaggwrites). Hey, that’s me. When I was thinking about this prompt, I got hung up on the moment before the first strike during impact play. Whether there was a word for the breathlessness of waiting mixed with anticipation. We have language for so many sensations, but I couldn’t think of a single word that described the beginning of the journey to completion.  


Beyond #fetchat’s 2/5/2020 prompt: Poly D/s Relationships.  

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