What do you see when you look in the mirror? I implore you to at least try to gaze upon your reflection with a kinder eye. Direct that kindness, compassion and empathy you give out to others to that human in the mirror. Just try it. Seriously.

When I look in the mirror these days I pick myself apart less and less. Some days I even look in the mirror and admire and appreciate my curves, or tan lines, or my darkening skin. It’s a radical concept, to look in the mirror and not immediately be disgusted, disappointed, downright loathsome, believe me I get it. A decade ago I’d have said “fuck off, who actually loves their fat rolls, stretch marks and ingrown hairs?” Today I don’t necessarily love all those things, but I don’t think they make me a hideous monster like I did ten years ago. Practice makes progress. Start with the mirror. Start with a kinder eye. You are fucking beautiful.



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21 Replies to “A kinder eye”

  1. Yes yes I completely agree with you and taking my images has definitely been a huge step in appreciating my body how it is


  2. Those knickers are so pretty and we all need to look at ourselves with a kinder eye, I agree.

  3. I go in phases. Sometimes I see bits of me I like, other times I can’t see what people would fund attractive about me at all.

    1. yes I certainly have my moments where I do NOT like what I see, but they are farther between most days now

  4. Very nice framing! You got the reflection just right, as well as your tilt and what you’re showing here. I love the hand on your hip. You’re very attractive and I hope you can see that too, even if only sometimes. But when you can’t we’ll be here to see it for you

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