As he lay there panting, his cock jerked sporadically, leaking precum in an impressive, steady stream, a delicious river leading into a growing puddle on the comforter topping the bed. I could feel my mouth watering and my pussy dampening as I watched him squirm. 


“What a mess you’re making, love,” I said as I approached him, “Be a good boy now and clean it up.” 


Not needing to be told twice, he raised up on his hands and knees, ass in the air, and began licking his precum with his outstretched tongue. From my position I could see him tonguing up his mess and also the red plug in his ass I’d instructed him to put in earlier this evening. 


“There you go, that’s a good boy,” He was a good boy – happy to please, I like that. I lifted up my leg and gently pushed the plug in deeper with the toe of my polka dotted shoe. He responded with a grunty growl that made my pussy clench. I could see his hard cock between his legs, still leaking onto the blanket below him. 


“All that leaking is making my cock hard for you. Why don’t you come here and suck it.” 


Without saying a word, he spun around and immediately grabbed the base of the pink sparkly cock I was sporting and began swirling his tongue around the head. He looked up at me as he swallowed as much as he could. I couldn’t help but smile at him and reach out to touch his cheek. Stroking my cock he sucked it with delight and confidence. He knows what I like, how to make me feel good. 


“Mmm that’s it.” I encouraged him as I gripped the hair on the back of his head and shoved his face into me. He gagged and tried to pull back as I held him there for just a moment with my cock down his throat. When I released him, he came up for air only briefly then began to gag himself again on the dildo, making his eyes water, but continuing to try to swallow the whole thing. 


“Scoop up some of that delicious mess and lube my cock with it. Make me feel good with your wetness. It is mine, after all.” 


Not letting go of my cock with his left hand, he reached his right hand down and ran it up his inner thigh and scraped upward, across his balls and up the shaft of his hard cock, gaining an impressive handful of liquid. Fuck, I loved how much his beautiful cock leaked for me.


He brought his hand to my cock and tipped it gently, letting it drip down, oozing on to the rounded pink head, bringing out the sparkles and making them shine. Stroking it, slowly and sensually, coating it from top to bottom.


“Now lick it off” I ordered as I pushed my hips forward, rubbing my wet cock against his face, making his facial hair glossy with his precum. Sticking out his tongue, he ran it across the dildo, not missing a spot, he sucked and kissed until it was again coated only in his saliva. 


I grabbed his hair, and forced his head up to face me. I wanted to look him in the eyes as I told him “Grab the lube, and bend over the couch. I’m gonna fuck your ass.” 


His eyes widened slightly, but he didn’t reply. He just quickly walked over to the drawer, retrieved the lube, and crossed the room to lay across the arm of the leather couch in the corner. The couch was the perfect height to line up his backside with my jutting cock as it led the way towards him. 


He held the tube in his hand waiting for me. I paused and took a moment to appreciate the scene before me — this beautiful, strong man at my mercy, desperate for me to fill him up with my cock. Grabbing the lube from his hand, I squeezed out a generous amount in the palm of my hand and covered my cock, enjoying the cool slippery feeling of the excess lube squishing between my fingers. With my other hand I tugged on his plug, slowly pulling it out, then pushing it back in, teasing him with the smaller toy before I stretched him with mine, a larger one. 


I removed the red plug from his asshole with an audible “pop” that made my cunt quiver. God damn, he has a tight ass. Grabbing another palm full of lube I slowly ran my thumb around his asshole, already shrinking back from the slight stretching of the plug. I pressed in and made gentle circles, pushing lube into his hole as I went. 


Switching to my index finger, I slowly slid my digit as deep into his ass as I could, until my knuckles were digging into his flesh. I withdrew most of the way and included my middle finger with the next thrust and curled them both down to push against his prostate, making him moan out and his ass grip my fingers tighter. 


I removed my fingers from his hole and wrapped my hand around my cock, lining up the head and teased him with it only briefly before pushing forward and stretching him open. His hands reached forward and grasped the pillows on the couch as I sank into him until the front of my thighs were pressed against the back of his. Deep inside his ass, I rocked gently back and forth, letting him feel me fill him up completely.


“Who’s ass is this?” I asked, smiling at the fact that all I had to do was ask, at any time, and he’d tell me without hesitation. 


“It’s yours. Your ass.” he groaned out as I slowly pulled back, almost withdrawing before driving it back in with more force this time. 


“That’s right. This is my tight ass to fuck whenever I please.” just saying the words turned me on. I loved fucking him, the power and confidence it made me feel was intoxicating. 


I gripped his shoulders and pounded into him firmly, unrelentingly. “I’m gonna fuck your ass until I cum all over you.” I grunted, fucking harder and faster, finding friction on my clit against my strap-on harness. Caring only about making myself cum I rotated my hips, fucking him against the couch grinding my clit against the seam, getting closer and closer. 


“You want to feel me cum in your ass? Yeah? Tell me.” I breathlessly ordered as I pumped hard and irregular now, on the brink of what was promising to be an intense orgasm.


“Oh fuck” he groaned “please cum in my ass” and pushed back against me, which was enough to trigger my climax. 


Waves of pleasure washed over me as I felt my own wetness drip down my thighs. Running down over my high heels. I moaned out that I was cumming as I pushed deep and hard into his ass, causing him to cry out and hump his cock against the couch as he came, his cum dripping down the leather to the floor.


Slowly I pulled my cock from his ass and took a step back to catch my breath. I smiled as I saw how much he’d just came. 


“Looks like you’ve got another mess to clean up now, hm?”


He slowly rose up from the couch and turned to face me, flushed and smiling, “As you wish.”



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  1. Oh my word. What an incredibly hot narration. Could not have felt more real, right down to the twitching I’m feeling right now!!

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