He looked me in the eye and without a word, cocked his head and gently pushed his thumb into my mouth, pressing it hard against my tongue. His eyes were soft, full of love and adoration, but there was a darkness to them, a pool of deep lust. We both knew I saw it, and there was this brief moment where all that existed was us and that shared acknowledgement that he was about to use me. I was overcome with relief and excitement. 


“I’m gonna take you hard, tonight” he growled as he pressed his thumb down harder, forcing my head to bow down. 


I mewled around his finger, a stream of drool escaping my open mouth as I did so, I watched his eyes follow the drip down to my tits. He trailed the wetness across my chest and smeared it on my nipple before pinching it sharply. I gasped and he pushed again against my tongue, distracting me from the pain. 


He withdrew his thumb from my mouth and took a step backwards. “Look at me,” he said.  


I looked up and met his eyes and he smiled. “You are so beautiful. Your makeup looks just perfect love. I’m going to destroy it though, you know that right? All that pretty lipstick-” he paused as he reached down between my legs to soak his fingers in my dripping cunt, and then smeared them slowly and firmly across my lower lip, leaving a bright red streak from my mouth to my cheek.


“Mmm that’s nice” he said as he admired his artwork on my face. The drool dripped from my smeared mouth. My chin shining with my cunt juice, red streaks forming from the lipstick tinting my spit. 


He undid his jeans and opened them up enough to pull out his already hard cock and present it to me. “Make me feel good,” he grunted as he pulled my head towards him. I wasted no time in taking him in my mouth. Such focused attention and the promise of being taken hard had me worked up. I was giddy to swallow his cock, make him leak and throb in my mouth, feel how bad he wanted me. 


After I greedily took his whole erection in my mouth, I withdrew it to take my time and make him feel good like he’d asked. I wrapped my hand firmly around his shaft and lifted it up so I could lick and suck his heavy balls into my mouth. Sucking one completely into my mouth, then the other, soaking them in my drool. I sucked and stuffed them both into my mouth, filling it obscenely as I looked up at him to see if he was watching. He was no longer smiling, instead looked very serious and focused on the attention I was paying his cock. He nodded at me slightly and moaned his approval as I slowly popped his balls from my mouth. 


I sucked the head of his cock between my swollen lips tightly, sucking him down slowly, until he was nudging the entrance to my throat and I had to adjust my breathing. He started bucking his hips forward as he felt me start to gag around him.  Placing his hands behind my head, he held it in place while he fucked my mouth deeper and harder. 


As soon as I’d adjust to his rhythm of fucking my throat, he’d pull me off of his cock, rub it around my lips and my cheeks, across my eyes, smearing drool, mascara and precum across my face, before shoving it back in again deep. 


Holding my head in both hands, he pumped gently and started to groan, “fuck that feels good, almost as good as it’s gonna feel when I take that tight ass of yours.” His words shot bolts of electricity to my pussy and I could feel it throbbing with need. 


“Tell me you want me to fuck your tight ass hard.” He jerked my head off his cock by my hair, forcing me to look up at him.


“I want you to fuck my ass,” I responded breathlessly. 


He scowled at me and quickly slapped me across the face with his spit covered cock. “That’s not what I said.”


“I want you to fuck my tight ass hard,” quickly correcting myself. 


“That’s a good girl. Now turn the fuck over and show it to me.”


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