The world is on fire and this week on Fetchat, instead of our weekly Q&A, we highlighted some BIPOC creators in the community. We want to make this week’s Beyond Fetchat a free space to share whatever is on your mind.

Normally, we reserve our little area for sexy, kinky fetish-y type links, but we know that sometimes it’s hard to feel sexy or creative in times of duress. But we still want to hear from you! If you have something sex-positive to share, please share. If not, share anyway! Tell us how you are feeling. Sometimes that helps. Write out five words that bring you peace – anything. Just share and connect with us. We’re better together.


Rules and Guidelines

  • No depictions of illegal activity in submissions (i.e. rape, pedophilia, beastiality) Consensual non-consent is okay if consent is explicitly stated
  • Link party is open from Wednesdays at 6pm EST to Wednesdays EST
  • Be kind. Absolutely no shaming allowed.
  • The prompt is not mandatory and you can contribute more than once a week.


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