This week on Fetchat, we are talking about the challenges trans & non-binary folks have setting healthy boundaries in the kink/fetish community.  Come participate on Twitter and then pop on over here for the deep cuts after party to share more on the topic, or anything at all. The topic is never mandatory! We wanna share in all of your creative glory, whether it be your thoughts, erotica, photographs, interpretive dance, show it to us and let us cheer you on.


We’ve included the questions for this weeks chat for your convenience!

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Rules and Guidelines

  • No depictions of illegal activity in submissions (i.e. rape, pedophilia, beastiality) Consensual non-consent is okay if consent is explicitly stated
  • Link party is open from Wednesday to Wednesday
  • Be kind. Absolutely no shaming allowed.
  • The prompt is not mandatory and you can contribute more than once a week.


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