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I got the opportunity to check out a roll-on perfume from the beautiful folks at Butters Hygienics  and it was an all-around delightful experience. The name, Champagne Problems seemed quite appropriate for my particular situation. Yes, we are still practicing social distancing and safety practices, buuuut, I am doing it directly on the beach, so there’s that. 


This perfume came at the perfect time for me. I didn’t even realize until I received, opened and smelled it that I hadn’t bought myself any perfume in at least two years. Since we moved to Mexico, we haven’t really had the opportunity to go anywhere, and then, you know, Covid, so I hadn’t even thought about it. Immediately, I dabbed some behind my ears and on my wrists and it was an instant mood lift. It smells bright, fresh, and a little sweet, with layers of apple and pear that make me think of Spring and Summer. As the perfume wears a bit, the subtle hint of berries comes through and it’s all just a fabulous combination of scents. It lasted all day, and many times, I would forget I was wearing it until I moved my arm and caught a delicate whiff and it made me smile. 



I’ve talked alot about scent and how it can be tied to memories and be a tool for relaxation but it can also just be something to enjoy. A small addition to lift your spirits and treat your senses. And it’s an easy self-care tool. Putting on makeup almost always lifts my mood, but it’s a process, and one I dont always feel like taking on. Dabbing on a bit of perfume takes seconds. Seconds! Even the most depressed of us could probably manage a few seconds of effort for a little bit of light or relief. 


Next time you feel extra down and just need an instant pick me up, try reaching for a favorite familiar scent, or try something new like I did. You might be pleasantly surprised by the results.

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