I didn’t have the highest hopes about this, for lack of a better term and because it makes me giggle to say, dick on a stick. I’ve tried a few thrusty toys in the past and have been constantly disappointed by the strength of the motor – leading to my vagina hubris. But this? This glorious toy is all kinds of fun. 



When I turned it on, I’m almost certain my face looked just like the flushed face emoji. 😳

I mean, this thing gets jiggy with it and how. I had to share immediately, before I’d even tried it out, because who am I to keep this all to myself? 



The vibration is strong and adjustable, but where my adoration lies is in the wiggle. It’s like a thrusty wiggle, and while it looks comical when it’s, uh, not inside a body, it feels good. The motor is strong enough to not hesitate or slow down when squeezed by my glorious grippy muscles. 


It finally felt like what I’d always wanted from a thrusty toy — unrelenting. I wanted to feel something that wasn’t going to stop when I clamped down on it. And this is it. The only thing I want out of this toy that it doesn’t have is a suction cup base or a way to mount it to something else without some work. (I suppose you could clamp it to something in a DIY fashion, which I may have to experiment with soon) Since it’s got a handle, it’s not designed to be hands-free and that’s really what I am looking for. Something that will fuck me, with absolutely no control or effort from me. A fucking machine. I want a fucking machine. But at under $60, this is a fantastic starter fucker. Plus if someone else holds it, it’s pretty close. 



I did find, however, that I was able to insert the toy and then pull my pants up so they held the toy in place while it thrusted, which was quite effective. Also, using it along with my partner in some delicious DP play was excellent, and it still kept up its wiggle! Full disclosure, I have not tried this toy anally, so I cannot say whether the motor will standup to those muscles, but I intend to find out. (And if you try it first, please drop me a comment!) 


At just a little over 6 inches long and an inch and a half thick, it’s not a giant toy, but it’s the perfect length for my depths, because I’m able to tilt the handle and it does it’s wiggle against my G-spot in 3 different modes. Along with the 9 vibration patterns, which I tend to keep at the constant vibration like all my other vibrators. I, for the most part, find vibration patterns way more frustrating than pleasurable. 



And I have to say, the cute little rose gold ring around the base is a nice touch. If I am going to be proudly wielding a dick on a stick, I want it to feel classy. 


You can grab one here!


3 Replies to “This dick on a stick rocks my socks”

  1. OMG the jiggy of this thing is a must get for play with my Kitten!

    I’m not sure I could withstand the vibrations in a DP scene with that!

    I will have to let you know how it goes for us. Looks like a great tool for the toy box! Thanks for the review.

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