“They’re a little shy, huh?” I mentioned, concerned.

“They’ll come around, it’s their first day here” my husband replied with a soft smile and a hint of deviousness glinting in his eye. “Why don’t you go lay down and maybe they’ll join you.”

I nodded and made my way to the bed, catching the new pets eyes watching me as I walked across the room, swaying my hips with just a little extra “look at me!” emphasis.

I crawled onto the bed, lying on my stomach, letting my short skirt inch up so my plump cheeks peeked out from underneath.

“That’s a good girl” he said. “Now call them over to you.”

I felt my face flush with heat, suddenly feeling a little shy myself.

Patting the bed next to me, I quietly summoned our new pet to the bed. “C’mere, you.”

Their eyes widened and posture improved. I had their full attention. They quietly crawled over to the bed and rested their head on the edge, close to my hand. I reached out and scratched their head, feeling their soft hair, gently gathering it in my hand for a moment before releasing them and patting the bed again.

“Up here, please.”

This time they didn’t hesitate and climbed up next to my feet and nuzzled them gently against their beard.

“See, I told you,” my husband reassured me, “they’re going to be just fine. And by the looks of it, they like you.”

I lifted my head and turned so I could see them. Their face was softly brushing against the bottoms of my bare feet and I could see a growing wet spot on their briefs.

“Oh!” I exclaimed excitedly. “That’s delightful, isn’t it?”

I rolled and shifted so I could stretch out my leg and press my toes into the wet patch of fabric, feeling a solid throbbing mass behind it.

“You’re right, Daddy, they do seem to be quite content at my feet. It’s making me all wet and wanty.”

“Then tell our new pet what you’d like, baby girl. They’re yours, after all. What’s the point of having a pet if you aren’t going to give it what it needs?”

I couldn’t help but groan out at the delicious reality. He was right.

Pulling my skirt up to my waist, I revealed a pair of soaked sheer pink panties. I knew they could see my puffy pussy lips through the barely there fabric. Their cock jerked strongly against my toes that still rested against it.

“I think they like my pussy, Daddy.”

“Of course they do,” he chuckled. “Now tell them what you want them to do with it.” His words became more of a growl towards the end of his suggestion.

“Be a good pet and suck my pussy through my panties.”

They met my eyes and smiled as they ran their soft mouth up from my toes, kissing my thighs as they neared my cunt. I couldn’t help but arch my back, trying to reach their face with my pussy quicker.

With a gentle eagerness, they wrapped their lips around mine and sucked me into their mouth.

I moaned my approval “yesss, that’s a good pet, make me cum through my panties so you can stuff them in your mouth while we take turns fucking your ass later.”

They groaned into my pussy and pressed their tongue strongly against my clit as I felt a wetness on my foot. They had just came in their underwear and it was leaking onto me.

“Oh fuck” I exclaimed. The sight was enough to push me over the edge. I grabbed their head and fucked my pussy hard against their face as I rode out an intense climax. Feeling my cum soaking them, pressing my hungry hole over their nose, humping it while I shuddered through the waves.

When I came back down I opened my eyes and saw my husband had gotten naked and was heading our way with a raging erection in one hand and a bottle of lube in the other.

“That was so fucking hot. Now take those dirty panties off, babygirl, and shove em in their mouth. Let’s show our new pet a proper welcome home.”

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