C/w: watersports, bondage, CNC(ish) 

This is the second part of the story, read the first and catch up here.


“Good girl” a gravely voice growled into her ear, easing all of her tension instantly.

She’s grateful to feel a plastic straw guided into her mouth. Gulping the cold water down quickly – too quickly- pain shot through her skull for a few seconds, causing her to cringe. The man chuckled and told her to slow down, there was plenty that she was going to have to drink.

Have to? That was a weird way to word that, she thought. She shook her head when she felt she’d had enough, but he insisted she finish it. Her stomach was full of water, she could already feel the effects in her lower abdomen. It felt like he was making her drink a gallon of water. He removed the straw from her mouth and thankfully, didn’t return with it.

Her bladder felt ready to burst. All she could do was wiggle her toes to distract herself from the urgent situation that was quickly forming. It seemed like it had been hours since the man left.

“Hello?” she said quietly, then louder when she didn’t hear a response “is there anyone there? I need to use the restroom, please!” Still no reply, or sound indicating anyone was near.

She couldn’t hold it anymore, she was in pain now and didn’t have any other options. Her legs, still bound tightly to the tree, couldn’t spread any further apart to keep from peeing all over them. Taking a deep breath, she just let go. Warm urine streamed down her legs, splashing against her feet as it pooled and poured over the protruding ropes. She let out a louder than expected sigh of relief. She may be covered in piss now, but she wasn’t in pain anymore. Hopefully everything will dry before he comes back and won’t even be noticeable. Her panties were already covered in sweat, cum, and who knows what else.

“Feel better?” His voice startles her and she yelps. “I’ve been watching you, feeding on your desperation and discomfort. It makes my cock hard to see you squirm and struggle.” Through her humiliation, her pussy still twitched in acknowledgement of being watched.

He continued talking as he approached her and started loosening the ropes, “However, you are filthy and need to freshen up”. Those words filled her with hope and lust. She tried not to smile as she thought of a hot steamy shower, and the sex that would inevitably follow.

Free from the ropes and the tree, she stretched and rubbed her sore limbs. Her arms ached from being suspended above her head for so long. Running her hand down her arm, she felt intricate indentions from the ropes, creating patterns in her skin. She couldn’t help but smile. She always loves being marked and couldn’t wait to see it. Hoping he was coming to finally remove her makeshift blindfold, she waited patiently.

She heard what sounded like chains being drug towards her. The clanking stopped and she felt the jarring cold steel against her neck. With a click, he secured the chain around her throat and gently pulled on the other end, leading her forward. She resisted at first and he pulled harder, almost pulling her over.

He led her down a dirt path, the sound of the water she heard earlier getting clearer.

The soft dirt beneath her feet soon became mud as she progressed, then what felt like wet smooth rocks before she could feel the cold water of the stream rushing gently across the top of her feet.

“Sit” he said.

“In…in the water?” She asked, confused.

“Yes, in the water. I told you that you are filthy. Now sit down,” punctuating his command with a downward yank on the chain.

She kneeled down into the frigid water, goosebumps instantly spreading across her naked, exposed skin.

“I told you to sit. You are kneeling” he said, sounding annoyed.

Nodding her head, she held her breath and sat down in the freezing water that reached just past the top of her ass.

“Good girl, now take your panties off and wash yourself with them.”

Not wanting to disappoint him further, she quickly slid her transparent wet panties down her legs, now completely nude in the stream. She tried to hand wash the dirty panties under the water, hoping to get the cum and piss off of them before using them as  washcloth.

She brought the sopping panties to her forehead, letting the cold water run down her face, soaking the cloth around her eyes, leaving it heavy and sticking to her eyelids. She rubbed down her neck, then her arms, taking a little time to pay attention to her diamond hard nipples, enjoying the soft texture in contrast to the rough ropes that previously bound them. Moving down, she ran the cloth down her thighs, left then right. Then she spread her legs to wipe her pussy, which was a bit numb from being submerged in the near-freezing water.

Suddenly a warmth spread across her chest. Almost scalding as it made contact with her chilled skin. She reached up and realized it was piss. He was pissing on her chest creating dirty hot rivers down her breasts that disappeared into the moving water.

“Come here,” he said with a quick tug on the chain. She stood up and carefully made her way back over the slippery rocks, following the path her pulled her through. When she could feel him near she inhaled deeply, trying to catch a hint of his masculine scent. His hands raked through her hair and with one on the top of her head, pushed her down to her knees.

Kneeling, she felt his hard cock, still dribbling pee, brush against her cheek, the droplet rolling down into her mouth. He pressed his head between her lips and she began to suck the remaining piss and precum out of him as he pumped in and out of her mouth, using her for his pleasure. The chain, bouncing against her chest chimed against the metal button on his jeans, combined with the slight whooshing of the stream and his rhythmic panting created a beautiful melody against the silent backdrop of the woods.

With both hands on the back of her head, he pulled her into him and shoved his cock deep into her throat, causing her to gag and reflexively try to pull away. He held her there, making small pumps, just enough to keep the head of his cock at the entrance to her throat as he groaned into the open air that he was cumming. She coughed and choked on the thick load he coated her throat with. Swallowing it down, finally, she was able to breathe normally again.

He pulled her up gently, by the arms this time, leaving the chain hanging down to the ground. He kissed her mouth and untied her damp blindfold. She was so thankful to see his handsome face. She had missed him. Overwhelmed with lust, love and gratitude that he would work so hard to make one of her fantasies come true, so specifically, she was speechless.

She relaxed into his arms as she awaited their return, to what she assumed was a cozy cabin, since he seemed to be following her dirty desires so closely.

“Come along my love, you have a long cold night ahead of you” he said as he led her back to the tree they started from, fresh ropes in hand.



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