I recently published my first post on this blog with a promise I’d get into a deeper introduction later.

Pull up a chair, it’s later.

Nikki, my fiancee and submissive, has done a top-notch job running this blog without me. She doesn’t need my direction. That’s not what I’m here for.

What I am here for, is to provide a male perspective. Let’s face it, men have a bit of an image problem brought on by millenia of marginalizing women.

We can’t change the past, but navigating the present can be intimidating for a class of people who might only just now be recognizing their privelage.

I believe there are more ignorant people than there are evil people, unfortunately the distinction doesn’t always matter when everyone has a platform.

So I want to talk to everyone about men. Specifically, how we can be sex positive for ourselves, women, and those who identify in any other way.

But I also want other men to know that our identity doesn’t have to be tied into our sexuality or any culture’s expectations.

More on that in another post.

I’d like to believe I have an unique perspective on what it means to choose to be a man — no matter how you came to that choice — and how that decision can be a force for good in the lives of all humans.

I’m also an advocate of BDSM and total power exchange relationships. I look forward to sharing the life lessons I’ve learned as a 24/7 Dominant in a monagamous setting.

While I’m excited to share my personal experience, I’m also looking forward to exploring the science and psychology behind my assertions and sharing those findings with you.

And, as promised, I’ll be writing about the spiritual side of BDSM as well — you should know I’m an atheist, so this isn’t about religion.

I intend to give BDSM the same thought provoking analysis on this blog as I give the subjects I cover professionally in my day job as a technology reporter.

Prior to embarking on my career as a journalist — which began when I was a 39-year-old intern — I had the honor of spending 10 years serving in the US Navy. I was lucky enough to learn about leadership and service from some amazing people.

My hope is that these experiences will allow me to speak to you from a place of empathy, respect, and expertise.

I promise to be authentic, stay out of Nikki’s way, and always strive to be an advocate for sex-positive humans.

I hope you’ll look forward to more notes from the editor as our little fetish blog grows.

Let’s make this a regular thing, shall we?

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