I don’t think I could express to you how joyous I felt over discovering these shadows from the railing on the staircase yesterday evening.

I’m a photographer so I’m always chasing the light and shadows, but it wasn’t just that.

I needed a fucking win yesterday. Nothing particularly bad happened, but the day that started too early just felt like too much. A death of a thousand cuts kind of day, I suppose.

Though I think it had less to do with the day than it did the fact that I’m just overwhelmed in general.

I think it’s important to give energy and attention to the good feelings it gave me, and the fact that it inspired me for a future shoot. It feels like that’s the key, appreciating the wins and soaking them up when we can because the bad happens whether we are prepared or not, whether we appreciate the good stuff or not. So, it seems like the logical choice would be to grab those wins, those feel-good moments, no matter how seemingly insignificant they may be. If it makes you feel good, it’s fucking important.   


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