Oh, how he’d missed her. She’d been gone too long this time. Of course, she was always gone too long. That Bill Withers knew what he was talking about. It took every ounce of willpower he had not to speed all the way home from the airport.
He hurried her inside, barely getting the door closed behind him before he pulled her close. Grabbing her by the throat, he quickly slapped her face twice in quick succession. As the tears welled up in her grateful eyes, his features softened — the love he held for her was apparent.

Kissing her roughly, he tightened his grip, growling into her open mouth. His hand softly stroked her hair as he broke their kiss and pushed her down to her knees.

She quickly reached up to unbutton and lower the zipper on his jeans, freeing his cock. The smolder of lust in her eyes and the way she licked her full lips in anticipation as she eyed his hard-on was more than he could take. He had to have her mouth — now.

With his hand wrapped up in her hair, he used her mouth deeply and relentlessly, driving the thick, leaking head of his cock into her convulsing throat. Every squeeze and gag made him groan and push forward with his hips, giving her all of him. If he could crawl inside of her it wouldn’t be enough. He needed to own her, possess her — destroy her. Just to have the privilege of building her back up again.

He yanked his cock from her mouth, held her at arms length by the hair and admired the sight before him. She was so fucking beautiful. Her once perfect makeup ruined, eyeliner smudged across her cheek, the streaks running parallel to the reddening handprint that was becoming more evident as he gazed upon it. Drool covered the bottom half of her face, lipstick smeared down to her chin, like a hungry, vulgar clown.

Finding himself momentarily distracted by the woman in front of him, he was reminded by his twitching cock that he wasn’t done with her. Not even close.

Letting go of her hair, he shoved her to the floor and rolled her onto her stomach. With his knee on her back he pulled her skirt up and grabbed her lacy thong with both hands. A quick jerk and he tore it off of her, tossing the damp lace at her face.

“Stuff those in your mouth,” he hissed as he wasted no time dipping his fingers into her soaking slit that was now vulnerable for his inspection. Fuck, she was wet. She always got wet when she sucked his cock. She was a dirty slut like that. His dirty slut. It was part of what he loved about her.

“I wonder, “ he teased as he slowly circled her hardening clit “if you would get this wet sucking someone else’s cock in front of me.” She groaned around the mouthful of panties, her hips bucked and he knew the answer. Of course she would. Even the mention of it had her pussy dripping into his hand.

He pinched her inner thighs, pulling them wide open so he could get a better look at her wet cunt before him. A sticky puddle was forming on the floor below her as a shining string of pussy juice dripped down to the hardwood.
Filling his large hands with her plump, round cheeks he spread them apart, exposing her tight asshole for him to bend down and trace with his tongue. She whimpered and tried to push her ass into his face, desperate for him to go further. He pulled back, penetrating her ass with just the tip of his tongue. Teasing her, exercising restraint, wanting nothing more than to bury it deep and tongue fuck her ass like they both craved.

Not being able to resist long, he opened up her puckered hole with both thumbs and stuck his tongue in as far as he could, tasting her exquisite ass. Feasting on her ass like a starving man. She humped back at him, wanting more, needing to be filled.

Leaving her on the floor writhing, he quickly ran to grab some lube from the next room, coating his throbbing prick as he returned. His slick cock jutted out towards her ass as he knelt down behind her, using his finger to lube up her hole as well, sliding one, then two fingers in deep and twisting just enough to make her cry out softly.

Pulling his fingers out, he quickly replaced them, stretching her impossibly tight asshole with the dripping head of his aching cock. He always watched in awe as he penetrated her ass, it often looked, and felt, like he was going to split her in two. Which only served to make him harder.

Once he was buried deep inside her he held her bottom against his pelvis. Making small circles with his hips, he took a moment to appreciate the sounds she was making, her whimpers and groans of both discomfort and pleasure.
He couldn’t hold back any longer. Gripping her hips so tight he was sure she’d be pleased to find bruises the next day, he drove into her with abandon. Using her hole — her body — purely for his release, he fucked her hard. Her sounds of discomfort and pleasure had turned to ones of pain and ecstasy. Grunting around the panties still in her mouth, drool starting seeping through them, and she sounded feral. The way her ass was gripping his cock, he could tell she was close to coming too. That sent him over the edge as he let out a loud involuntary groan and released spurt after spurt of hot come into her ass. His orgasm sparked hers and her ass clamped around his too sensitive cock so hard he saw stars and had to bite into her shoulder to not pull out yet.

Once she came down from her climax, he slowly pulled himself from her tender hole, and pulled her to him on the floor. He hugged her close as she rested her head on his chest.

“Welcome home, baby,” he whispered with a satisfied grin, happy to have her in his arms again. The house suddenly seemed so much brighter and full of sunshine.

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  1. Well written! Totally exciting and arousing! Your graphic descriptions and use of prose was spot on! Intense and erotic! You have a terrific talent and should exploit it much more! Great story Nikki. Thank you!

  2. I loved reading this so very much. The way you bend the words to your will, so naughty, so beautiful, it inspires me. I love how sexual you are. Beautiful, beautiful, Nikki.

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