What a piss poor day. If she could just squeak out a decent orgasm, she might be able to get some sleep and put it behind her.

She called back to her go-to fantasy where her partner takes her ass in a rather violent, vocal manner. That one always got her juices flowing.

Nope. She was mad. She wanted to let that energy out. She wanted to hurt someone. Yes. She wanted to take her anger out on someone’s flesh —




Hips rising involuntarily, she slipped her hand between her legs, finally feeling the wetness she was searching for. She wanted to grab his hair, force him to his knees until he was eye-level with her cock. She’d make him beg to suck it.

When she finally let him suck her big pink girl cock she used her hands on the back of his head to fuck his mouth, triggering his gag reflex repeatedly. Gripping and pulling his hair, using his mouth for her pleasure.

“That’s it. Get my cock all wet and slippery. Gag on it, coat it with your spit because I am going to shove it up your ass soon and that’s the only lube you are going to get.”

She had imagined him saying this to her a thousand times but she never dreamed it would make her pussy throb with need to speak those words to him.

Picturing his eyes looking up with a hint of fear at the threat of an uncomfortable fuck made her even wetter. She moaned out “I am going to fuck you

Fingering herself furiously, she closed her eyes and thought of yanking his head off her cock and ordering him on all fours.

Her pink silicone cock, glistening with his saliva jutted out towards his exposed asshole. She leaned in close and spat on his hole, making it twitch in front of her.

Without another word she knelt down behind him and guided her cock to his tight ass.

“Does that hurt?” she asked him.

“A little”.

“Tell me”

“It hurts”

“What hurts? sinking further into his ass, holding her position.

“It hurts when you ram your cock into my ass” he groaned.

Toes curling at the thought of hearing him say the words, she imagined spreading his ass cheeks apart and driving the last inch of the strap-on into him.

“Fuck!” he howled in a delightful mixture of pain and ecstasy.

Pounding relentlessly into his ass, enjoying his grunts at every thrust, lustful whimpers as she almost withdrew her cock. She loved the sounds he made when she fucked him. They filled her head as she pinched her swollen clit, bringing her climax closer.

She imagined hammering into him over and over again, whispering filth into his ear as she grabbed his shoulders for leverage to get as deep in his ass as she could.

“Yessss” humping her pelvis into the air, an explosive orgasm possessed her, “take my fucking cock Daddy.”

Smiling, she drifted off…





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  1. I loved this, it built up to scorching hot very quickly. Your image was a great accompaniment. That was definiteyly a 1 handed read!

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