Fuck you and fuck your beauty standards. Phew. Ok. I just needed to get that off my chest. No, not *you*. Unless you are the author of this shallow drivel or the creator of this horrid graphic from Men’s Health.

I mean… fuck you. Right?


Anyway. I was prompted to fix their graphic for them.



23 Replies to “Anatomy of a “perfect woman””

  1. chuckle but troth be told i love your Woman much more as that is real.
    i love the blood of your enemies on your toes but i would beg to clean them for You
    Enjoy Life

  2. You’ve nailed it my lovely. Trample those silly stereotypes like grapes – then drink to the sisterhood of liberated woman who say “I do what I like”

    This image an your graphics are a WINNER for me!

  3. Fabulous take on a silly article. Many of these men’s magazines and their female equivalents (Cosmo etc) are trying so hard to get readers that they recycle the same old ideas over and over again. The fools who purchase these mags can’t seem to realize that—nor that the ideas they contain are pure unadulterated crap!!
    I much prefer your real woman pic!

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