Announcing ‘Semper Bellum’ season two and the future of warfare

Announcing ‘Semper Bellum’ season two and the future of warfare

February 06, 2023

San Diego, California

For immediate release:

Love is a Fetish proudly announces the second season of its popular “Semper Bellum” podcast. Titled “Semper Bellum: 2073,” this iteration will take listeners on a science-based journey from the present day through fifty years into the future of warfare.

Host Tristan Greene, a futurist and technology journalist specializing in artificial intelligence and quantum computing, combines his deep knowledge of military organization and history with his personal experiences as a veteran of the Iraq War and the War on Drugs to bring you a technically-sound, pragmatic view on the future of warfare.

“This isn’t a fiction or mockumentary,” says Greene, “it’s a futurist’s view of the next fifty years of warfare with a heavy emphasis on the evolution of automation and artificial intelligence technologies both on the battlefield and in the war room, and on the shifting political landscape. I think anyone with a keen understanding of the military machinations of the last century is likely getting a bit nervous over current events. Season two is your guide to what happens next.”

The second season will feature a total of six episodes:

  • Episode One: Combined arms
  • Episode two: Post-nuclear warfare
  • Episode three: Conquerors and Warlords
  • Episode four: Space Force
  • Episode five: Quantum shielding / kinetic barriers
  • Episode six: Interplanetary skirmish

Semper Bellum: 2073 will debut on most major platforms including iTunes, Google Podcasts, and Anchor this summer. Stay tuned to Love is a Fetish for details. Click here to check out Semper Bellum season one.

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