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What’s Fetchat?


Fetchat is an inclusive, sex-positive, body-positive, kink-positive (we’re all about that positivity) live Twitter chat held every Wednesday from 5-6pm EST by Anne and Nikki. We chat about all things kink and fetish, such as rope play, writing erotica, BDSM, dirty talk, safety and consent.


And Beyond Fetchat?


While Twitter is a great platform for our chat, it isn’t ideal for longform responses. It also doesn’t allow participants to sit with the questions and have time to think about their answers. Enter Beyond Fetchat. We wanted to create a weekly space for everyone to share and get involved in any way that speaks to their beautiful, creative soul. 


Every week the prompt will reflect the Fetchat topic. (Though it isn’t mandatory to follow the prompt!) We want you to feel free to share it all. Seriously, all of it. Flash fiction, introspective pieces, poetry, photos, short film, spoken word, interpretive dance. Give it to us! 


Rules and Guidelines


  • No depictions of illegal activity in submissions (i.e. rape, pedophilia, beastiality) Consensual non-consent is okay if consent is explicitly stated
  • Link party is open from Wednesday to Wednesdays
  • Fetchat’s Favorites will be posted on Fridays


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