Classic board games: A word search

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I’m okay

c/w: anxiety, mental health. If you have anxiety, you can probably relate to the nonsensical mess that runs through your head when you are feeling it heavy. If you don’t, I try here to offer a little insight into the running dialogue in my head when mine gets the better of me.  Sitting at the …

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What tf do you want?

If you’re unhappy, make a change. Sounds simple enough, right? Turns out a lot of us don’t actually want things to change. Dr David Burns explains in his book, Feeling Good Together, he tells his patients when asking for his help with their relationships, that they have three options: make a change, leave the relationship …

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I wrote a letter to my younger self and it was cathartic af

I originally published this on my SFW blog last Fall, but didn’t realize I hadn’t shared it here as well. CW: contains mentions of depression and suicide   Depression is notorious for killing your motivation and creativity, so a few weeks ago I was trying to force myself to do something, anything, to help get that …

Go on…I wrote a letter to my younger self and it was cathartic af

5 reasons why you should start a mini water propagation garden today