Check out this gorgeous warming aluminum bullet

This warming Aluminium Rumba Bullet by Nu Sensuelle is beautiful. I have to say I was pretty stoked to try out my first warming aluminum toy. The insert that came with the toy said it was safe to enjoy in the bath, shower, or ocean, so naturally, I immediately took mine out to photograph in the sea.

warming aluminum bullet

The bullet offers 7 speeds and 5 different vibration patterns. I feel like I would have enjoyed it more if it only vibrated at the end, but the whole thing buzzes at the same intensity and it’s way too much for my hand which just ends up going completely numb. Wrapping it in a blanket or washcloth helps dull the buzzing, but it’s not ideal.

I do enjoy the heating element, it’s nice to not have the cold metal against my skin, and it’s convenient to press the button and leave it to heat up for about 7 minutes instead of having to hold it, or let it sit in hot water to heat up like steel toys.

warming aluminum bullet

The Rumba bullet features two easy-to-find, simple buttons on the bottom, that control the heat and vibration independently, so you can enjoy the warming sensation without the intensity if you are like me and the vibrations end up being too buzzy for your hands. I like the red glow indicating the heating element is on, and there’s also a soft white light when the vibrations are active.

The smooth, sleek aluminum body feels nice and slippery against your skin and pairs well with any of your favorite lubes. And have I mentioned it’s gorgeous?

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