If you follow me on Twitter, you will know this week is Panty Week for my #365photoproject. I wanted to end (heh) the week on something that I found especially sexy. Panty pics in public.

For days I thought about taking these photos. I had my outfit planned, fantasized about poses, timing, and what I needed to bring to hold the camera. It became something that turned me on to think about, so I thought about it a lot.

As soon as we got to the museum, I darted to the restroom. I told my partner I would be right back, and the knowing flash in his eyes made my face flush and my cunt clench. I was already wet as I was pushing the door open, relieved and thrilled to find the bathroom devoid of museum patrons.

I quickly shrugged off my coat and threw it on the counter, out of frame and set my phone on the stand next to the sink. Turning on my camera, I hiked up my skirt and tried to position myself just right so my pretty bows that I was so proud of would be visible.

With my bottom facing the door, I was very aware that if someone opened the door quickly, they would more than likely see me bending over for my camera. I was aware and absolutely giddy and gushing over the fact. It has been a very long time since I got to really tickle my exhibitionist fancy and it feltย amazing.


I was so turned on by the idea that someone could see me, by my partner out in the museum knowing exactly what I was doing right now and I was turned on knowing I was going to share these images! It was a wonderful cocktail of yumminess.

The sink was a bit too high for my bows to show as much as I would like, so I eventually moved into a stall so I could set the camera a little lower. It was an extra layer of arousing for me to support myself against the ballroom stall wall, exposing my backside. It sparked so many delicious fantasies about being forced against the wall, my face pressed into the cold, dirty concrete while I am fucked and used, all while still in front of the camera.


I quickly got my shots and headed back out into the museum with soaked panties, excited to share what I had taken with my partner.

It was no surprise that it turned me on, but I honestly wasn’t expecting it to turn me on as much as it did. I cannot wait to share more of my exhibitionist adventures and this has inspired me to dedicate an entire week to naughty public pics later in the year.

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