Hearing the opening licks to the song she’d been aching to hear all night, she wriggled her way through the crowd, securing a place in the front row to feast her eyes on why she was here. Sweat glistening on his face, he scanned the crowd, catching her eye just as his lips parted and a gravelly voice sang out sending shivers straight to her cunt.

“I knew a girl named Nikki, I guess you could say she was a sex fiend” and at once they were all that existed in the universe. She swayed her hips and watched intently as his face contorted, his obvious passion made her flush with desire.

And those fingers. Oh, those fucking fingers that so expertly found their way to every perfect note. Strong, yet delicately bending and sliding down the neck of his guitar, exuding such a raw power that she couldn’t help but imagine them wrapped tightly around her throat.

The way he groaned out the lyrics to her favorite song, it was impossible to keep her hands from sliding down her hips as she danced to the music that he was playing, in her fantasy, just for her. She pretended he was performing just so she’d return the favor, so she could express her passion in front of him as well.

Come on, Nikki…” he growled out, the line causing her knees to weaken and her to groan out loud, unheard in the crowd. Caught up in the music and her desire, she slipped her short skirt up enough to touch the bare cunt now peeking out for him to see.

As the tempo of the song increased, so did the manipulations of her fingers on her pussy. She circled her swollen, needy clit as he played, wishing it was her ear he was crooning into rather than that microphone. Her eyes dropped down to his jeans and wondered if he was hard from seeing her touch herself in the crowd. Did he know she was thinking about him as her pussy dripped and soaked her hand?

The thought of him up there in front of everyone hard for her only increased the intense lust she was feeling, and she plunged two fingers into her tight, wet hole. When she was able to tear her eyes away from the bulge in his jeans she looked up to find him looking directly into her eyes.

He smiled and raised his eyebrow in approval. His acknowledgement of seeing her with her fingers buried in her desperate cunt right in front of him sent her over the edge. She erupted in an explosive orgasm, wetness streaming down her legs, pooling on the dirty floor beneath her, crying out as the song came to an end.

Tugging her skirt back down, she winked at him and turned to leave.

“See you at home, love” his voice spoke softly into the mic. She smiled and waved over her shoulder, feeling like a lucky girl.



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