Ditch the screens and play this adult board game on your next date night

It’s no secret that I love games, so getting to review an adult board game was pretty exciting. As grown folks, we don’t often make the time for play, even though it’s been proven to be a positive thing for ourselves, and our relationships. But a game where the winner gets to experience their “ultimate sexual fantasy” is sure to be a hit. 

Our Sex Game is a gender-neutral, advanced take on “dirty dice.” There are no mentions of gender, penises, or vaginas, which is pretty cool if you ask me. 

There’s a lot happening on this busy board, and every square represents an action, so there isn’t a lot of waiting around for a “good” roll. You’ve got three levels of progression, seductive is the lowest tier, then erotic and x-rated and the cards correspond with the color coded sections on the board.

I appreciate that the game doesn’t necessarily start with a bang (heh) and instead gives you a little time to work up to spilling some of those filthy fantasies you might be shy to share. And I suppose the “drink” squares are there to relieve some of that embarrassment, but if you aren’t drinking alcohol, there’s no reason you can’t replace those prompts with “take a toke” if you smoke cannabis, or a non-alcoholic fruit drink that makes you feel fancy, or even just drink a healthy gulp of water. Hydrated bodies are happier bodies!

I love how much of this colorful game is focused on communication and exploration. Most of the cards are about sharing fantasies, trying something new, or reliving sexy moments you might have shared in the past. And the dice feature a few different selections than most of them, including things like “self-play” and “roleplay.”


There is quite a bit of preparation involved with this game if you are planning to play it as intended. Not only is the winner awarded their “ultimate sexual fantasy” (whose ultimate fantasy doesn’t require some work ahead of time?) but there are several squares mentioning environments outside of the bedroom, like the kitchen table, rugs, and, well, literally outside. While plenty of us would love to have a private outdoor space, and a house to ourselves with no kids around, not all folks are so fortunate, so those squares require a little replacement and imagination. 

It’s also worth keeping in mind, not everyone is able to press or hold their partner up against a wall, so this square and a fair amount of the activities require a little creativity. I think that’s part of the fun of this kind of game, adjusting the rules to fit your needs. Think of it as a nice template to suit what works for the people playing. 

The first time my husband and I checked it out, we spent a couple of hours drawing cards and exploring the prompts. That alone was such a wonderful way to spark some sexy conversations and get us in a playful, sensual mood. It doesn’t have to be so structured. Also the colored dice work just fine as a stand-alone game, so there are myriad ways to enjoy Our Sex Game with your honey and steam up your evening (or daytime, whenever you can squeeze in some private time!) Anytime you are able to carve out space, share intimacy and play a game with your partner is bound to be a fun one. 

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If you are looking for a different kind of game night, or to take a break from binge-watching, pick up this board game and play! As always use the code LOVEISAFETISH, and get 10% off your purchases. 



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    Nikki is a photographer, writer, artist, and advocate of radical self-love. She writes about mental health, gaming, sex, and inclusivity.

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