Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and I’ve been spending time contemplating why it has become so meaningful to me. I think I’ve figured it out and it’s entirely selfish.

My partner loves Thanksgiving. The food, the family, the tradition aspect of it. All of it. It’s his favorite holiday. It quickly became mine as well for the first time in my life.

I used to dread Thanksgiving. When I was a kid it was because my family didn’t get along and it was always uncomfortable with abysmal food. After that, I hated it when I was married because my ex-husband was unbearably obnoxious as was his entire…fucking…family.

Now, I look forward to it every year.

I love it because my partner loves it and it is the perfect opportunity for me to literally serve him. I get to show off something I do well and it is always so appreciated that it’s a wonderful boost to my fragile self-esteem.

Last year was no different. I planned everything ahead of time so it would go as smoothly as possible and I could impress my partner with my easy going and carefree attitude on this holiday. (If you knew me, you’d know that was a joke because I am an incredibly highstrung person most of the time)

I woke up excited, and got ready pretty early. I had full makeup on, hair done and dressed like a slutty Donna Reed by 8am, completing the look with a frilly apron and no panties.

I felt so confident and sexy all day! It was fabulous. Even though I was in the hot kitchen for almost eight hours cooking and cleaning, I felt sexy. I enjoy absolutely dedicating myself to a day that makes my partner so happy. It gives me a chance to be a good girl in a more formal setting.

It’s all so worth it for me. He showers me with the most delicious praise. It fills my little subbie meter so full, it overflows and lasts for days!

It doesn’t end when the holiday is over, every time he mentions how good the food was or how much he enjoys my cooking my heart swells. When I hear him brag to someone else about how good he eats at home, I am filled with a pride that I don’t feel as often as I would like to. Those moments are brief glimpses of confidence for me that I long to grab ahold of, learn from and cherish for awhile.

I’m already looking forward to finding new ways to impress my partner this Thanksgiving, though I may have to wear something under the apron this year, at least until the kids go to sleep…

What are your favorite holidays and how do you celebrate them?

5 Replies to “Even our Thanksgivings are sexy.”

  1. I loved reading this post. What a lucky guy. The thought of you dressed like a slutty Donna Reed in a frilly apron and no panties… well, words just can not do justice to what I am thinking.

    I’m happy for you to have found Thanksgiving. I had some early ones like that too.

    1. Thanks for reading! He is a pretty lucky guy! Lol I’m a pretty lucky gal too though. It was our 7th one together but certainly the hottest!

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