Fascinator waterproof blankets wick away your wet-spot worries

Part of a truly satisfying sexual experience includes the opportunity to relax, be fully in the moment, and enjoy yourself without shame or worry. For some folks, concern over getting the sheets and bedding wet can distract them right out of a heated moment and even prohibit them from achieving orgasm. Sure, it’s not a huge deal if you mess up the bed, sheets and blankets can usually be tossed in a washing machine, but not everyone wants to deal with changing the entire bedding at night after an intimate moment and should be relaxing, snuggled, and soaking up all those love hormones that you need, deserve, and just earned with delicious abandon. 

Enter the Fascinator throw, a luxuriously soft waterproof microfiber blanket by Liberator. The mini measures 36 inches long and 26 inches wide (seen below) but there are a variety of different sizes, up to the largest, which is 72 inches by 54 inches. 

The Fascinator mini on a Queen-sized bed

Taking away the stress and worry over “making a mess” could be an incredible tool to help you let go and find your sexual experiences more enjoyable. Trying to achieve that full-body, squirting orgasm, but you’re afraid you are going to end up peeing instead? The Fascinator can take that worry off your mind so you can focus on what’s really important – you and your pleasure! 

Fascinator blanket

This waterproof blanket could be a helpful addition for folks who worry about period-sex staining the sheets, or the mattress, especially if you choose one of the darker-colored options. It’s soft enough that you could even sleep on it if you are worried about middle of the night period mishaps. The mini is about the size of a bath towel, but it doesn’t bunch up as you roll over it, offers more protection and can feel a little more aestheticly pleasing, or sexier than just tossing an old stained towel on the bed. 

The larger sizes would be a better choice if you are engaging in activities that might produce a lot of liquid, such as food play or watersports since the water beads up on top rather than immediately getting absorbed into the fabric and might spill over the side onto furniture or carpeting. But to avoid the notorious “wet-spot” or protect your bedding from lube or other liquids in relatively small quantities, the mini is sufficient. And the smaller size is great to toss in your travel bag for hotels, or maybe a padded lounge chair by the pool, if that’s your jam. 

You can get yours here and don’t forget you can use code LOVEISAFETISH at checkout to receive 10% off your purchase! 


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